Justice for Zainab – Cases of Child Molestation

Justice for Zainab - Cases of Child Molestation

Justice for Zainab – Cases of Child Molestation

How could have Zainabs rape and murder case been avoided  (Justice for Zainab)

Justice for Zainab - Cases of Child Molestation

Justice for Zainab – Cases of Child Molestation

Justice for Zainab – Cases of Child Molestation: After Zainabs murder, the investigation team is dangling with the conclusion that there may be a serial killer in the picture, whose muse is to rape and kill young girls. Zainabs case is similar to that of 10 other cases. Similar residue of DNA was present on 6 other young girls. These 10 cases in question took place since the beginning of 2017.  So here is where our failed system could have prevented the circumstances Zainab faced. First and foremost if the serial killer is what they were looking for why were the other victims not declared and why didn’t they start investigating right after the first rape and murder case? If they had gotten to the bottom of it and had started their investigations on a rigorous pace, possibly Zainab and the rest of the victims would have been spared. Why is it that we see this repeated cycle in our system, when something goes wrong, it is only given national attention when the media and local people highlight it. If the law enforcement agencies had tightened their grip even if the murder was not the same or a serial killer, he would have feared for his life in committing such a monstrous crime. Why has the problem of child rape and molestation been taken so lightly, only after Zainabs case we are seeing reports of people getting caught who are either offenders or who have been caught in the act. We invest and fight against criminals, terrorists etc. to provide a better future for our children, so why are we not looking after their present.  One of the issues is also that our law has given many people a loose hand, I would highlight cases where many sex offenders are known to exist and still no action is being taken against them. Kasur has been a hub for Child molestation with a massive scandal that showed the true faces of a big molestation ring. Where are the culprits who were put behind bars ? Did we make an example out of them to put fear in potential wrong doers (Robinson, 2018)? ( Justice for Zainab – Cases of Child Molestation )

Punishment of Pedophiles/ Rapists/ Murderers – Justice for Zainab – Cases of Child Molestation 

I feel the punishment for such acts should not be just a conventional death penalty. The accused  should be put through mental and physical torture until they completely give up. Putting someone through the gallows would just end their miserable life in one shot.

Justice for Zainab - Cases of Child Molestation

Justice for Zainab – Cases of Child Molestation

Some of the cases of sexual abuse that have been reported

There have been many cases which have been reported and many not reported of child molestation in Pakistan. 11 children or more may face this threat on a daily basis.  Some of the cases that have surfaced include child sexual abuse and molestation scandals in Madrasas; a child molestation ring which made videos of children being molested to blackmail and sell the videos; and cases of employees or relatives indulging in the God forsaken act. A documentary has also been made which highlights that there is a proper market of children being used as sex slaves and prostitutes  in Peshawar.
Since Zainabs case many people are reporting child molestation cases, and many sex offenders are being caught red-handed.  A school guard in Karachi, was trying to have his way with a 5-year-old girl, he got caught and was beaten and handed to rangers. The sad thing is that even after the horrific incident child molesters and rapist are still carrying on with their dirty deeds ( Justice for Zainab – Cases of Child Molestation )

Security Guard involved in rape and murder of a 5-year-old school girl ( Justice for Zainab – Cases of Child Molestation )

Kasur Case ( Justice for Zainab – Cases of Child Molestation )

Karachi Sachal Area Child sexually abused ( Justice for Zainab – Cases of Child Molestation )

Allegation of child abuse in madrasas ( Justice for Zainab – Cases of Child Molestation )

Child molestation market in Peshawar bus stands ( Justice for Zainab – Cases of Child Molestation )

The above mentioned cases are some of the many cases that have been reported. My question is, what were the penalties or punishments faced by the wrongdoers? The Peshawar video has many people admitting that they occasionally indulge in having sex with children, are they behind bars after this documentary aired? ( Justice for Zainab – Cases of Child Molestation )

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Justice for Zainab – Protection against Pedophiles


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