Politics of fear

Politics of fear

Terrorism and Political Misdirection

Politics of Fear. Politicians constantly proclaim strategies for the greater good and make un-achievable promises. The only plus point for them is that they have blind followers who believe each and everything they say. Well, obviously some or most of the goals cannot be met and that is when misdirection are used to shift the lime light. Politicians, alongside the media, manipulate the citizens in such a manner that they lose focus of their current outrage and rants, and start focusing on the new issue at hand. Throughout history this game-play has been used where people have lost lives and homes have been shattered. But again these are collateral damage leading towards the greater good. Governments have many at times practiced such tactics.

       Collateral Damage For The Greater Good

Political Misdirection

                       Politics of Fear

Considering politics,there is always a big bang when something of paramount importance has to surface or some government or mafia-backed convict’s prosecution is about to be publicized. There is always something boiling behind the scenes and it bursts to shift the public eye from one issue to the next. Terrorism has played a major part in these scenarios and any layman can map the pieces regarding what I mean. The world needs more selfless people and, considering the current global state of affairs, there seems to be a major shortage in this department; or the right person is never elected. Misdirection’s are created through fear and havoc (Politics of Fear). This lets politicians get across their point of view, which people agree to as they are raged and afraid. The other reason is           to divert people’s attention and completely change the picture to a new channel. It’s just diplomacy and training that makes all-powerful figures strike when the iron is hot and switch the populace in their favor. The concept of accountability is not something that our politicians dread; they come in power, fill their pockets and leave. It may seem to us that opposition tries its best to uncover all flaws and get justice for the people; yet the reality is that all parties are in cahoots and back each other. They seem as rivals for the camera but when push comes to shove they strategize such that another unrelated problem becomes the center of attention. The alternate issue that arises is of such impact that no ADHD medicine can keep the audience inclined toward the main problem (Naqvi, 2016). These misdirection’s and diversions work on a much larger scale; the causal effect of these actions is not just targeted towards one country but they impact globally, leading towards gains for a few while fear and devastation for many.

Where The Focus Should Be          

The role of the ruling party should be to take the needs and requirements of people into consideration, but that ideology does not fall in their plate; rather they focus on what may make them more content and not the public. As per a study conducted in 2014: 15% of the American population was below the poverty line. This 15% accounts for 46.7 million of the total population and it includes 15.1 million children under 18. An average of 48.1 million Americans do not have enough food and hunger is a major concern. There is also a giant lapse in Education systems. 7000 students on average drop out of high schools on a daily basis. Shouldn’t politicians be focusing on these issues to assure a better future for their public? Rather they delegate on things such as civil rights, which can be dealt with, but they turn a blind eye towards the underlining issues which may make a society stronger (Basset, 2016).

Misdirection’s via Terror     

                Osama Bin Ladin

Terrorists contemplate heinous acts that rock the foundation of societies and humanities. Though their main aim is destruction and havoc for the general population, overall their actions work in favor of the intentions of many politicians. Consider the impact of 9/11 on America and the rest of the world; the consequent effects have derailed many societies and nations. Many people lost their lives; many families were broken, which is shocking. That is just collateral damage to the perpetrators. This brings us to the question: was it an inside job? Why was Osama referred to as an ex CIA asset? If the attacks did not take place, the so-called war on existence of weapons of mass destruction may not have taken place; or would there have been something else to go as per plan? Weapons of mass destruction were owned by many countries and many nations had fierce dictators, then why only Saddam fell prey? The 9/11 attacks sparked fury and fear in the general public, and the uncertainty that another attack may take place, lead towards major dynamic shifts. This bred the generalization that all Middle Easterners eventually choose the Jihadi route, and inflamed the justification that Iraq should be dealt with strict actions (Politics of Fear). USA wanted to send a message to neighboring countries of Iraq i.e. Syria and Iran. CIA’s Director also admitted that war was not the answer and it could have been avoided (Cochran, n.a.)

Gains From Terror Attacks

Weapons of Mass Destruction        

 Pentagon 9-11

There were numerous reasons that political fronts benefited from the twin tower’s crash. There are also many theories which indicate how the attack may have been staged. Post 9/11 attacks the retaliation by US government gave the people living in fear and vengeance a ray of sunshine and the political gains were massive for America as well as their allies (Politics of Fear).  The New York authority was facing issues in putting spaces within the tower up for rent, Three months prior to the attack the towers were sold to Larry Silverstein who got a massive settlement after the attack as he had applied for damage insurance. Drug trafficking from Afghanistan minted billions of dollars, and, after the Afghan war, all the new stake holders reaped from these earnings.  Corporations benefited as the control of Oil and Gas was a major advantage of the war in Iraq. History dictates that the United States started having problems with Saddam once he kicked out Oil companies from Iraq. Israel, too, benefited as a major potential threat from Iraq was taken care of by their associates. Companies dealing in weaponry have made good money through the wars in the Middle East. There were many other benefits but the underlining advantage was the advent of Islamophobia; westerners started fearing Muslims, and a religion that advocates peace and brotherhood is now treated as a breeding ground for terrorism(America, 2011)

Terror influencing Election Results

Some theories state that the recent London and Paris attacks also had a motive to influence the upcoming elections. As stated above, fear and vengeance can be manipulated to one’s advantage. People were already dreading the prior attacks; and boom another attack right before the elections. Similar was the case in Paris when a terrorist attack took place three days prior to the public vote. Political scientists believe that terror attacks increased support for conservative players such as May and Emmanuel Macron in Paris. Likewise the socialist party in Spain also won after the 2004 Madrid bombing. Theresa May adopted a very stern approach to conquer terrorism and considering the state of mind of the people at that point in time, they could relate more to her strict approach (politics of fear) (Calamur, 2017)

Misdirection in the Subcontinent

                        Politics of Fear

There has been an escalation of terror threats and attacks in the sub continental region. Kashmir has always been a disputed territory for both India and Pakistan. Ever since independence the Kashmiri people have had to face major crises at the hands of Indian forces, and the international community has always been deflected from this issue. It has been claimed that India staged surgical strikes and Uri attack to withdraw the international community’s attention from the atrocities it has been conducting in Occupied Kashmir. Burhan Wani, a Kashmiri freedom fighter,received martyrdom which aggravated the Kashmiri people to stand for their rights. India has intensified its retaliation and has been oppressing Kashmiris’. This is also a violation on international standards. To avoid international condemnation India has been trying to frame Pakistan for terrorist activities. Only in 2017 India has violated the ceasefire 542 times in which 18 innocent civilians lost their lives. (India escalating tension on LoC to divert attention from Kashmir: FO, 2017)(India staged Uri attack to divert attention from Kashmir: Asif, 2016).

Responsible behavior

To conclude, my analysis is that throughout history local people have faced killings and massacres but they are just pawns in the political game. A few lost souls are needed for a greater political gain; but this gain is just beneficial for the politicians, not the general public. Fear, beliefs and emotions are manipulated in a manner that people lose sight of their shortcomings and start supporting what they think is a way out. People need to understand how naive they can be, and proliferate in such a way that hatred and fear are diminished, which leads to inner and global peace. Electing the right person should be based on merit and past record, and not on their policies reflecting the conditions at that point in time (politics of fear). We need to get rid of misconceptions about Islamophobia and advocate peace to retain solid grounds. If people don’t stop living in constant fear and politicians don’t stop using this to their advantage; end of the day the terrorists are succeeding in their overall goals.



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    Truly fear is a member of the dirty game. What we need are captains who know how to navigate the path and are able to show people how things are done.

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    This is exactly what we are going through in my country. Politics of fear. It makes citizens of a country live with fear. Like you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. It’s a terrible kind of life.


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