Justice for Zainab
justice for zainab

Justice for Zainab


Justice for Zainab: Heartbreaking, heart-wrenching and disturbing; these words and nor any adjectives can testify the intensity we as Pakistanis and as humans feel post the murder of the 7-year-old Angel, Zainab. A scenario that brings chills down our spines; Horrifying. The girl who had a bright future was forced towards the bright light. Zainab was abducted on the 4th of January 2018. The seven-year old was walking towards a nearby house for Quran Studies. Her body was found in a garbage dump on the 9th of January. The postmortem report deduced that she had been possibly dead 2 days prior to being found. The body also revealed that the young girl was raped and strangled by her captives. A CCTV footage was broadcasted that showed the last sightings of Zainab walking with a man; who is the main suspect of the case. The face of the man is blurry thus his identity is still unknown. The child’s parents were out of the country for Umrah. (Zainabs Rape and Murder Case and how to protect our children from child molesters) (Justice for Zainab)

In Pakistan we are used to hearing news of people being robbed, murdered, raped, kidnapped etc. But cases such as Zainabs rape and murder are eye openers. This is an all time low for our governing system and an all time low for criminals as well. What sick mindset would the killer or killers possess that they are able to carry on with such  horrendous acts. Do they fear the All Mighty and our law? Cant their sexual urges be kept in check by their wives or by hiring a prostitute, the act seems completely satanic and the culprit seems to have zero compassion and emotion on every accord. When these people would be caught, the question that they would be asked is “what if this was done to your daughter or sister?” and they would give the obvious answer, but I feel the horrific reality is that these deviants already sexually abuse their own family members (Zainabs Rape and Murder Case and how to protect our children from child molesters) (Justice for Zainab)


  1. Current Scenario of rape and Murder Cases in Pakistan (Justice for Zainab) 
  2. Things that have surfaced after Zainabs Rape and Murder Case (Justice for Zainab)
  3. How could have Zainabs rape and murder case been avoided (Justice for Zainab)
  4. Punishment of Pedophiles/ Rapists/ Murderers (Justice for Zainab)
  5. Some of the cases of sexual abuse that have been reported (Justice for Zainab)
  6. Profile of Imran, person accused from Zainabs rape and murder case (Justice for Zainab)
  7. Mindset of a child molester and people who sexually abuse children (Justice for Zainab)
  8. Behavior of a Pedophiles (Justice for Zainab)
  9. Things to watch out for to intercept a potential child molester (Justice for Zainab)
  10. Preparing children to be aware of such deviants in the society (Justice for Zainab)
  11. Course or action needed to protect our children from child molesters. (Justice for Zainab)
  12. My analysis on Zainabs Rape and Murder Case and how to protect our children from child molesters (Justice for Zainab)

Current Scenario of rape and Murder Cases in Pakistan

Children in Pakistan, from both privileged and underprivileged backgrounds are under constant threats. The young minds may be prone to some of the following issues:

  1. Child Labor
  2. Child Marriage
  3. Dowry issues for young wives
  4. Kidnapping
  5. Human Trafficking
  6. Slavery
  7. Molestation
  8. Rape and Murder

It’s a shame and we all are to blame for it, the politicians as well as us civilians. We are supposed to provide a firm background that our young ones may cherish. Let’s talk about the main Elephant in the room, because of Zainabs rape and murder case, our ill ways have further highlighted, things that should have been dealt with in hindsight are now coming out as realizations.  The current scenario of child molestation shows how we have failed to give a bright future to the future heirs of our country. The question we need to ask ourselves why are we just becoming aware about these facts and figures after a young girl lost her life, If these things were given stern attention before maybe Zainab would have been greeting her parents when they came back from their Holy pilgrimage. Sahil a NGO from Pakistan has collected data which proves that at least 11 cases of sexual abuse of children are reported on a daily basis. The focus here is on reported, many cases are not reported so the figure is most probably understated.  Sahil also states that 1764 cases of child abuse were reported in the first six months of 2017 (Desk, 2018).

  • Sindh: 490
  • Balochistan: 76
  • Punjab: 1089
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: 42
  • Federal: 58
  • Azad Jamu and Kashmir: 9

74% of the reported cases are from rural areas and there has been a 10% increase in children being sexually abused in Urban areas. 45% of the culprits were acquaintances of the children while 17% of the total accused were strangers. 15% of the victims suffered in their own vicinity, whereas 12 percent of the victims were sexually abused at the culprits place. Sexual abuse of children by landlords has had a massive increase.  Sounds horrible doesn’t it, and the sad thing is that there has not been any significant action taken to set an example and such outrageous acts are escalating (Zainabs Rape and Murder Case and how to protect our children from child molesters) (Desk, 2018).

Things that have surfaced after Zainabs Rape and Murder Case (Justice for Zainab) 

Things we know Post Zainabs Rape Murder Case

The event was so shocking that no one could hold back their emotions and people started demanding justice for the departed (May Her Soul Rest in Peace) and her family. The events that took place after Zainabs body was discovered are as follows:

  1. The whole country as well as the whole world was outraged and demanded justice for Zainab
  2. Zainabs parents came back from Umrah as they were informed about the horrific situation that daughter had to face before passing away. (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)
  3. The law enforcement did not pay much heed to the CCTV footage initially, but once they were pressurized from all sides they started the investigation. (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)
  4. A CCTV footage was revealed in which Zainab was walking with an unknown man who is most probably the culprit (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)

    Zainab Walking away with Stranger

  5. The CCTV footage was not clear so the police made a sketch of what they thought might be the closest to the assailant. (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)

    Sketch made by the police

  6. The postmortem report of Zainab revealed that the DNA found was also found on various other similar preceding cases in the close proximity to where Zainabs body was found within Kasur. (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)
  7. The whole country demanded justice and massive protests were held and are still being held to get the culprits behind bars or give them the highest form of punishment. (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)
  8. People who were protesting in Kasur were faced with retaliation from Law Enforcement agencies, as a result two people lost their lives and many were injured. (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)
  9. People started noticing how child molestation is a growing concern and started to highlight it. (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)
  10. Many other cases of child molestation were reported and many culprits were caught red-handed. (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)
  11. People have now become aware on the threat the children may face and many may be considering educating their children on how to pinpoint child molesters and report when they see someone with such intentions or if someone has tried to or has molested them. (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)
  12. A clearer CCTV footage surfaced of the potential culprit, but the attire in the new CCTV seems to be different to that of the man with whom Zainab was last seen walking.

                     New CCTV footage

  13. A news also surfaced that the Police had apprehended the culprit in Lahore, but still it is not confirmed as to if they got the right man, we may soon find out what may be the outcome.
  14. People got on to social media in support of Zainab and many Pakistanis changed their display pictures to Zainabs picture. (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)
  15. Two key suspects were taken in to custody, who had been booked for similar sketchy cases in the past (Ahsan, 2018).
  16. On the 21st of January, the supreme court gave the Joint Investigation Team 72 hours to probe Zainabs case (Shakir, 2018).
  17. On 23rd January a ray of hope was shun, as the child molester/rapist/murderer was apprehended and his DNA samples were found on the crime scene. His DNA was also present on 7 other girls who had gone through similar circumstances. The murderer name is Imran Ali, who is a 23-year-old boy and Zainabs neighbor. The little angel was told that they were going to receive her parents from the airport and that is how she was kidnapped. (Zainabs Rape and Murder Case and how to protect our children from child molesters) (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)

  18. It was revealed by a very credible journalist, Dr. Shahid Masood; Imran Ali is just one of the people responsible. Dr. Shahid gave proof that this case at hand is not just about an innocent child being tortured, raped and murdered; it is about a global violent child pornography business. Imran Ali’s profile put forward, does not seem to be true as per Dr. Shahid. Further investigation is underway.

  19. After months of trial, verdicts and appeals the court finally decided to hang Imran ali on the 17th of October. (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)
  20. Imran was sentenced to be hanged on 21 death counts, Three life sentences and 23 years in Jail. He was also 2.5 Million Rs. and 255000 Rs.  (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)
  21. The honorable president of Pakistan, Arif Alvi rejected Imran’s appeal on the 10th of October. (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)
  22. Zainab Ansari’s father demanded that Imran should be hanged publicly to set an example for any potential child molesters, rapist and murderers.  (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)
  23. On 17th October Imran Ali was hanged to death at 5: 30 in the morning. His hanging took place in the presence of Zainab’s father and Uncles. Imran was allowed to meet his family prior to meeting his faith. Once it was confirmed that the deviant had left this earth, his body was handed over to his family. (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)

Justice for Zainab – Cases of Child Molestation

Karachi Sachal Area Child sexually abused ( Justice for Zainab – Cases of Child Molestation )

Allegation of child abuse in madrasas ( Justice for Zainab – Cases of Child Molestation )

Child molestation market in Peshawar bus stands ( Justice for Zainab – Cases of Child Molestation )

The above mentioned cases are some of the many cases that have been reported. My question is, what were the penalties or punishments faced by the wrongdoers? The Peshawar video has many people admitting that they occasionally indulge in having sex with children, are they behind bars after this documentary aired? ( Justice for Zainab – Cases of Child Molestation )

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