Justice for Zainab – Protection against Pedophiles
Justice for Zainab - Protection against Pedophiles

Justice for Zainab – Protection against Pedophiles

Profile of Imran, person accused from Zainabs rape and murder case (Justice for Zainab)

  1. His father suffered with mental illness
  2. His occupation is of a car painter
  3. Used to take part in protests
  4. Has 4 sisters and 3 brothers
  5. Used to participate in Naat Mehfils
  6. Lived just a few houses away from Zainabs house

Imran Ali

Imran Ali

The profile portrayed to us may be a somewhat of a sham. Dr. Shahid Masood has come forward with evidence which show that Imran Ali has over 40 bank accounts, which have had huge amounts of transactions. The accused seems to be in cohorts with some influential figures and is also part of a massive violent child pornography business. Considering this, him being a car painter doesn’t seem to match. (Justice for Zainab – Protection against Pedophiles )

Mindset of a child molester and people who sexually abuse children

Zainabs rape and murder case has highlighted a growing concern in our society which was not being given much heed We need to protect our children from child molesters , to do so we need to look at what may be the potential profile of a child molester (Zainabs Rape and Murder Case and how to protect our children from child molesters) ( Justice for Zainab – Protection against Pedophiles )

Behavior of a Pedophiles

  1. They may act like normal humans. ( Justice for Zainab – Protection against Pedophiles )
  2. There is a possibility they had a lonely life or are scared of rejection.
  3. They have a complicated life.
  4. They may have been sexually abused as a child
  5. Their fear of rejection by people their own age makes them look at kids who are defenseless, so they can easily overpower them and fulfill their sexual urges
  6. They consider their victims as objects to fulfill their sexual desires ( Justice for Zainab – Protection against Pedophiles )
  7. They may have felt helpless as children when they were molested or raped, they want to reverse the roles and be the ones in power and make someone else suffer (Chronicle, 2013)

Things to watch out for to intercept a potential child molester ( Justice for Zainab – Protection against Pedophiles )

Watching out for molesters

  1. Watch out for people who would want the child to do an activity alone with them. e.g. Why don’t you come over I shall help you with your homework, or I just got a puppy, do you want to come over and play with it.
  2. Looks for signs if an adult shares information that is not appropriate for the child at his or her age, such as details of a romantic experience or a night out with the guys.
  3. Watch out for people who try to touch the child a lot. They do it in front of you so that the child thinks it’s ok Also see signs, if your child looks uncomfortable, that may be a red flag.
  4. Watch out for people who give gifts and presents to your children.
  5. Look out for people your child interacts with online (Zainabs Rape and Murder Case and how to protect our children from child molesters) ( Justice for Zainab – Protection against Pedophiles ) (How to Determine if Someone Is a Child Molester, 2018).

Justice for Zainab – Protection against Pedophiles – Preparing children to be aware of such deviants in the society

As you saw, as per the statistical analysis, sexual abuse of children and child molestation is a growing concern. Your child is not safe, indoors or outdoors, as you saw many incidents take place in the child’s residency, by people they know or by strangers. Our cultural heritage has embedded in our minds that such topics are a route to becoming social pariahs and should not be discussed. But its high time and we need to acknowledge the uncertainty surrounding our children’s well-being. So we need to prepare them for the cruel world, how to be cautious and how to differentiate the intentions of people they come across (Zainabs Rape and Murder Case and how to protect our children from child molesters) ( Justice for Zainab – Protection against Pedophiles )

To start we need to explain to our children behavior that they should watch out for, basically detecting advances made towards them and if they feel something is not right how to get out of such situations. This knowledge is necessary to keep them safe. Schools should also start classes where teachers educate the children about potential threats in every society. The following things should be taught to children about body safety so they can distinguish between right and wrong:

  1. For starters don’t change in front of your children after they are 2 or 3, their young minds might feel that it is normal behavior.
  2. Stranger danger should be advocated as well as what to watch for in people they know.
  3. Try to name body parts in front of them, and teach them appropriate behavior when it comes to protecting your body.
  4. They should know what parts are private and cannot be touched by anyone.
  5. They should know that if someone asks them to touch their private parts, they should not do that.
  6. They should know that they cannot sit in people’s lap.
  7. Children should be told that there should be no body secrets, if someone tells them that they are just having fun, or to keep a secret after touching them inappropriately, they should not keep it a secret
  8. Children should be made aware that taking pictures of private parts is wrong and they should not let anyone take pictures of their private parts or see pictures of private parts of other people.
  9. Teach your children how to get out of such scenarios, by giving reasons such as they need to use the washroom, or they need to make a call to their parents.
  10. Give your children a code or password, if they feel a situation is not right they should put that out in conversation so that you can be made aware of a potential threat
  11. Many of us keep servants to help out with our kids, make sure that you don’t keep a male servant for your son or daughter.
  12. Never let your children go out alone with the driver, always accompany them.
  13. Have a very relaxed and friendly approach with your children, they should see you as a friend so they can confide in you and share with you if they face any such issues from strangers, family, relatives, teachers, or your employee’s (Daniels, 2017).(Zainabs Rape and Murder Case and how to protect our children from child molesters) ( Justice for Zainab – Protection against Pedophiles )


Justice for Zainab – Protection against Pedophiles

Course or action needed to protect our children from child molesters

Child molestation and sexual abuse of children is a growing concern around the world. Keeping our children safe from such devastations requires a lot of effort by individuals as well as the government. The positive part about the last few years is that people now have some influence due to social media, and there is some extent of freedom of expression given to our media. So I feel the following things need to be done by all stakeholders to make a better for the generations to follow.

Teaching your kids, how to up their guard

Our children need to be taught about the deviants and predators that exist in our society. Our cultural heritage makes some topics taboo when it comes to discussing. The problem is hat, times have changed for the worse and we need to tell our children how to protect themselves, and if they see an issue what to do and how to inform an adult.

Look out for potential child molesters

I have given a few things to watch out for, these may fit under the characteristics of a potential child molester. Watch out for them, if your hunch seems strong, do report to the right authorities about your findings. ( Justice for Zainab – Protection against Pedophiles )

Benchmark a punishment

Once an offender is convicted, decide a punishment for him or her. Benchmark a punishment which is so gruesome and painful that a potential wrongdoer may be scared to do the same. Zainabs murderer has carried out a such a crime which has removed all grounds of leniency in his case. I believe that since the culprits do not seem to possess a heart or compassion, their punishment should be intense. Putting someone through the gallows is just giving him or her a quick way out. The punishment should be continuous and it should be broadcast-ed for people to see. ( Justice for Zainab – Protection against Pedophiles )

The State should deal with the culprits

As per the statistics most of the child molestation cases are carried out by people who are known by the family. There are also people who have influence and power who carry out such acts. When the family of the plaintiff files a suit against the defendant, they may pressurize the family to take the case back. The pressure is always on the grounds of threats to the other family members, or using their money and influence to change the verdict in their favor. The government needs to get involved in such cases and make sure that under no circumstances the guilty party is pardoned by the ones who have suffered. They should be given protection and the guilty party should not have a way out because of their status or influence.

The state also needs to give strict instructions to the Police to follow-up on such crimes on a priority basis and not put the child and his family through further agony.

A Sensible Census

The government needs to make sure that the Census taken is accurate, we need to know the exact number of people in our country, which may be understated. Once there is an idea about the number of people belonging to different households, then the government has to make sure that each individual is registered with a Pakistani Identity Card. Our ID cards and passports require us to give in our fingerprints. These fingerprints are put in Nadra’s database. If any sort of crime is committed, there is a small possibility, the culprits identity can be reveled via finger prints.

DNA banks

Our Law Enforcement Agencies need to take DNA samples of every individual put behind bars. The intensity of the crime should not matter, for the sake of it they should record DNA findings of all culprits. This accumulated database can be kept for the future. The purpose of this is to catch repeat offenders, and through DNA trees many past criminals can be caught. The thing about DNA is that it is passed down in your genes. Let’s take an example, a person commits a murder or rape 25 or 30 years ago. DNA and finger prints are found but there is no match for it. Fast forward; 30 years later, the criminal who was left unharmed due to lack of DNA evidence, his son or daughter commit a small petty crime. Their DNA sample is taken, but now a case from 30 years before will have a DNA match. These sort of cases happen in The States and many unsolved mysteries are often solved after decades.

Be on the same page

We can unanimously agree that are system has fallen through the gaps and there are many faults in it. During incidents like that of Zainabs’ we should all work together. Once a result has been derived then the civilians and opposition can point out the faults in our government. The immediate response should be to find, arrest and punish the perpetrators. If all parties look past their differences and stand together, a lot can be done and the culprits can be put behind bars. (Zainabs Rape and Murder Case and how to protect our children from child molesters) ( Justice for Zainab – Protection against Pedophiles )


Justice for Zainab – My analysis on Zainabs Rape and Murder Case and how to protect our children from child molesters

Justice for Zainab –On a positive note, the alleged pedophile cum rapist cum murderer was arrested during the time I was writing this piece. The culprit as stated above was a neighbor and it adds more gravity to the situation. Such crimes are mostly done by people we may know. We need to prepare our young ones for the possible challenges and have to teach them on all survival mechanisms; if God forbid they face a potential threat. Many people would say that teaching sex education at such an early age, breaches a lot of morals and values we stand for. They are right to some extent as we need to keep our child’s innocence intact, we need to pass along the complete message but try to keep the adulterated terminologies to a bare minimum. E.g. the Butt can be referred to as the back portion, the frontal area can be referred to as the front and the breast region can be referred to as chest or front-top. The gist of this is that we need to keep our children prepared. Our Law Enforcement agencies need to also invest in new age technologies to help them in locating criminals, they also need to be steadfast and take action because it is their job, they should not wait until they get pressurized by the media. If the Police in Zainabs case had been proactive, and had arrested the serial killer after his first victim, many children would have had been out of harm’s way. The good thing is that Imran would not be carrying out any such horrendous acts in the future. A giant ring has been exposed by Dr. Shahid Masood; which proves that Imran is one of the pawns and many people still have to be caught, exposed and punished. (Zainabs Rape and Murder Case and how to protect our children from child molesters) (Justice for Zainab) ( Justice for Zainab – Protection against Pedophiles )

We all need to stand together against all odds, and stand up for those who are oppressed and speak up when we see injustice. Our efforts along with the efforts of our government and politicians can make our country a safe place to live for us, our children and their generations to follow. Let’s say a prayer for Zainab and all other reported and unreported children who have had similar cases, May their culprits face the highest of exemplary punishments and may the departed Rest in Peace. (Zainabs Rape and Murder Case and how to protect our children from child molesters) ( Justice for Zainab – Protection against Pedophiles )


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