Hop Towards Hope (Donate and Volunteer)

                   A Hop Towards Hope (Donate and Volunteer)


Why Contribute (Donate and Volunteer)

A Hop towards Hope (Donate and Volunteer).Wealth is either earned or passed down. There is a common misconception that people denote wealth and money as an equivalent to happiness; that is so far from the truth. The definition of happiness as per me should be being content in all areas, monetary, family, social etc. You may be loaded with all the bounties or you might be envious of someone who has a mansion like Scrooge Mc Duck; just consider all aspects of his or her life. Scrooge even though was the richest Duck in Duck Berg; he was not inclined towards any family connections and felt empty inside. If a person needs a car, or wants to start a business, or needs basic food, water and shelter, etc.; without an exchange entity these needs, wants and desires may not be achievable. Some have it in abundance, others are running after it. A community should run in such a way that no stones are left un-turned in helping the poor. We all can play a part by carrying out a few tasks to reduce poverty and raise the standard of living of many. A little love and compassion can go a long way. This topic is to urge people to make a difference and take a hop towards hope.  Focusing on luxuries and a better standard of living is defiantly a plus point of being rich, but it is our responsibility to aid the community.  The greed to earning as much as you can is no route to self-actualization, but making a difference will surely map you towards a feeling of content.

There are various benefits of donating and volunteering; a little help will make a huge difference; do your part. Abdul Satar Edhi dedicated his life towards helping the poor. His life is a perfect example of selfless living; he never spent on himself, but provided a home for 1000’s and 1000’s of people. He passed away leaving behind his foundations, his teachings and a humanitarian example. Such people are rare and may his soul rest in peace.
Abdul Sattar Edhi

Health benefits of donations and volunteer work:

Hop For Hope (Donate and Volunteer)

Helping the less fortunate or standing up for a cause has many potential benefits. Health is wealth; and by donating some of your actual wealth you in turn reap many health benefits. One reason is that people who give up their time and money (A Hop towards Hope (Donate and Volunteer)); feel socially connected. This sense of connection reduces depression, loneliness and anxiety. Studies have shown that people who volunteer are physically healthier; blood pressure is lowered and their lifespan also increases.

Carnegie Mellon University, published in Psychology and Aging. that adults who are over 50 years and volunteer are less likely to have high blood pressure. Volunteering also reduces mental stress, which if high can open the gateway towards many diseases. A minimum of 100 hours of volunteer work on a yearly basis can lead towards a healthier lifestyle (Watson, 2013).

Benefits of Charitable Donations

Experience more pleasure

Monetary bounties give you a sense of safety; worse come worse basis you have your fortune to fall back on. The question is does it guarantee that or does it give you a sense of content? Shocking but no money does not guarantee happiness. Money comes and goes; an example would be; Syria, there may be rich and poor. The rich people would be living their life to the fullest, bam there is a war; everything you own you have to leave behind. This uncertainty always exists. The way you can make your life meaningful is through donating what you can to those who are less fortunate so take a hop towards hope (Donate and Volunteer).. When they proliferate from your giveaways; that feeling would lead you towards gladness. Knowing that we made a difference is what leads us and others towards bliss. A research conducted by National Institute of Health showed that people who chose to donate a portion of 100 dollars they were given, had their pleasure centers activated in their brain (Blogger, 2015).

Needy People

Perfection as a whole is not attainable. This world we live in there is a giant breach in equality and class. There is always someone in need and we should be backing them if we have the resources, If destiny has giant sums written for you then you may achieve it, if not well God has made frameworks to support the poor. If we all follow the right path and support a humanitarian cause; salvation is achievable as a whole. Citizens of a  country, governments, philanthropist and NGOs can all work hand in hand to make the world a better place (Blogger, 2015).

Add More Meaning To Your life

When you stand up for a cause; there are other people who may also be on the same boat. This creates connections, circles and the overall impact of your efforts augments. When a number of people follow in similar footsteps, better ideas and approaches are generated. If you have had bad luck personally or professionally, these new connections may help you out; plus doing good for others would bring you good karma (Blogger, 2015).

Set An Example For Your Kids

You should always lead by example. Our children have to be nurtured in a way that they know the right path and believe in sharing and caring. When a child sees his or her parents doing something good, he or she would consciously or subconsciously pick up that habit. Spare some change in front of your children or carry out donations, monetary or other commodities. They would also learn to do as you do. This way their little hearts would be filled with love and compassion for others (Blogger, 2015).

Motivate Friends and Family To Contribute

Social issues such as poverty, unemployment, child labor and no education; have high negative impacts. and if not highlighted, a society may crumble and break. If you are doing something good, something positive and you believe in the cause; make sure that you make others aware of how you are making a difference. Awareness on such topics can generate more funds and thus help more people. Make sure to give and preach others the benefits of helping those in need. You can feel satisfaction from your giving as well as from the people who you motivated to stand up for the oppressed. I have personally collaborated with a  few organizations to collect charities which required urgent attention. I collaborated all the needed evidence to proof authenticity and sent mass messages via Whatsapp and face book (Blogger, 2015).

Realize Every Bit Counts

The more the merrier; but less does not go in vain. If you don’t have 1000s’ to donate, start from something small. A little can go a long way. In developing countries a few dollars can make a huge difference towards food, water and shelter. Plus as I mentioned above; if you motivate others to also donate; the accumulated amounts can be a lot. So even if you have a little, take a hop towards hope (Donate and Volunteer). (Blogger, 2015).

Improve Personal Money Management:

Through charity you can also align your finances in a positive way. An instance would be that a person donates 80 to 100 dollars every month; he or she would make sure that excluding this amount they have enough to sustain for the remaining month. Think of it as tax; the higher you earn puts you in a higher bracket. So even if you earn less; like on odd jobs, you should still donate. This would purify your wealth, body, mind and soul (Blogger, 2015)

Give If You Can’t Volunteer

If you cannot volunteer for whatever constraints; donation is a viable option. Your schedule does not let you go out and do some field work well you have a variety of options around the world. There are people who are refugees living in dire conditions; help them out. Countries which are developing or underdeveloped, where basic necessities are not achievable, find a reliable charity and make sure your money gets well spent (Blogger, 2015). I have jotted down a few charities at the end; please donate what you can and take a hop to hope (donate and volunteer)

Hop to Hope (donate and Volunteer)

Benefits of Volunteering

If donations are not your cup of tea, as either you are not sure your money is being put to the right use or your financial conditions do not allow you to generously donate; volunteer for humanitarian causes and make a difference. Like charity, volunteer work also has many benefits. When one volunteers he or she has an appraisal in confidence; they learn and do  new things and gain a sense of accomplishment. Like charity can have a major difference, so can volunteer work. The equation is such that time and money are both very important; if someone is putting forward funds; he or she should be categorized equivalent to someone putting his or her time on the line.  Volunteering also leads to an individual meeting different people and increasing his or her circle. Through this kind and generous act you learn new things and skills. These skills boost your life experience and also your professional credibility. The community as a whole benefits and the person volunteering realizes how his or her  actions are impacting others. A few years back there was a huge earthquake in Northern areas of Pakistan. We were asked by a friend to volunteer in collecting ration which was suppose to be dispatched to the people in need. Our role was to carry heavy bags of rice and other basic necessities to a loading truck. Since the goods were pretty heavy a couple of us made a chain to get things done in a fast pace. That memory would always stay with me as I helped  towards a humanitarian cause and the people behind the charity were legit. It was a fun episode and a lot of work got done. I gained confidence, became a social butterfly, made a difference and had a sense of belonging. Volunteering also gets us to be more aware of what actually is happening and why the people need your help. so I urge you to  Hop towards Hope (Donate and Volunteer). (Benefits of volunteering, n.d.).

Call To Action

So overall we all have responsibilities on our head to make the world a better place. In the words of the Late Michael Jackson, “Heal the World.. and make a better place for you and for me and the entire human race”. Do what you can when it comes to donations; if donating money is not an option; you can give out books, clothes, food and other basic necessities. Try to walk in the shoes of the less fortunate, and aim that one day they would walk in your shoes.

Please Click below I have compiled a list of organizations where you can donate. Currently I have added  the ones which need urgent attention and also a few from different countries. I would keep updating this list but; if some link is broken or if it does not work; please leave a comment. Please spread the word, and lets aim for a better tomorrow, where we all stand hand in hand and our heads up high. Let’s be selfless and Hop towards hope ( Donate and Volunteer)


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