Has feminism gone too far?

Has feminism gone too far?

Has feminism gone too far? All men and women are created equally and they stand for equal rights in al accords. Every walk of life should be same for men and women and neither sex should be undermined or oppressed.  Every individual should encompass these morals and beliefs. Throughout history we can pinpoint biases and racism in many societies. There are groups or people who act in a particular way thus giving everyone who have the slightest association with them a bad name.  People go astray and do all that they can to dominate other races: a route towards supremacy.  Look at how KKK is looked upon at and how they believe White Power stands against all odds.  What is the main key here: simple, people get power and authority get the best of them.  Our main concern and focus in this rant is on Feminism. Webster’s dictionary defines feminism as the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes (feminism).

As far as the definition stands; feminism is mandatory and we all should comply with the feminist belief. Don’t you feel this definition has now deflected? Like I said in all walks of life when people let power and greed define them; they lose focus and opt for the wrong higher ground.  I feel the right kinds of feminists may be the popular majority but a few bad bunches have shifted from equal autonomy of the sexes to female supremacy in all areas so has feminism gone too far?

Current Status

There are many females, males, and groups who stand for women’s rights. Their actions and intentions are for the greater good; they disregard oppression and they advocate equality. Like politics and groups here there are also people who let this new-found power get to their head. ( Has feminism gone too far? ) If you hail from Pakistan you must have come across the recent scandal where a Doctor lost his job as he had added a patient on Facebook.  The women in question is the sister of globally renowned Oscar winner Pakistani feminist Sharmeen Obaid.

There has been a lot of technological progress over the years and one of the most used innovation that people use to get connected is social networks.

What if Scenario:

Let me walk you  through a similar scenario; a person sends you a SMS or messages you on Whatsapp. You have no obligation to reply; rather you can ignore the person or block his or her number right? Well if the same person calls you up and talks in a provocative manner; that may be justified as harassment right?

So we can unanimously agree that harassment would be someone breaching your comfort zone by continuously bothering you or inflicting mental or physical torture. Webster describes Harass as “to annoy persistently and to create an unpleasant or hostile situation for especially by uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical conduct” (harass).

So are you also boggled with these questions;

  1. What should we do when someone adds you on Facebook or any other Social Network?
  2. Are we also being harassed by the 100’s of friend requests in our Facebook portal?
  3. How should we report this harassment and to what authority?

Like me, you would be shocked to know; you can cancel a friend request sent to you; you didn’t see that coming: right? To top it all off Facebook gives you an option to block, delete and report the potential harasser.

Focus on my words “potential harasser“, he or she may harass or may not. You can only find out once you add the person or give him or her permission to send you messages. So the mature thing would be to either not respond or just cancel the friend request; block that person and delete also. The thing is that many men and women can predict intentions of the person sending a friend request just by looking at their picture, so the right move would be to get them fired? ( Has feminism gone too far? )


So that brings me to the question on what grounds did the Doctor face termination? As per his employers, he is a repeat offender; thus the step. So did he send a friend request to one of his prior patients?  The what if scenario above is of a much higher intensity as the person who may harass has your number. What if the doctor just sent a friend request as he wanted to discuss something related to the patient’s health? Thus the main question arises:

If me or you had gone through the same scenario, and reported the doctors behavior, would he have had faced the same fate? Keeping in mind that I do not have an Oscar nor am a well-known feminist.


This is one of the many scenarios that portrays abusing your power. If we consider the scenario for a different angle, where a man is being added by a female doctor, would that issue would have been treated in the same manner? We all know that it would have not gotten that much importance, so is feminism a fight for equality or a fight for supremacy?

Has Feminism Gone Too Far – Latest Tricks (hi5blast, 2015)


                                           Has Feminism Gone Too Far – Latest Tricks (hi5blast, 2015)

                                     Has Feminism Gone Too Far – Latest Tricks (hi5blast, 2015)

History of Feminism:

There have been three waves of feminism, which have been accounted for throughout history.

1st wave was from 1830’s to early 1900’s

Women in the Early 19th to 20th century considered that a political standing may grant them other rights. So the wave was started to secure rights to vote. Via politics women tried to highlight issues related to reproductive, economic and sexual matters. They spread awareness that women are equal to men and they can contribute just as much (DOREY-STEIN, 2015)

2nd wave was from 1960’s to 1980’s:

This was the time when United States was picking up the pieces post World War 2.  It was now believed that women have equal rights; but this was just a misconception and no bill or amendment was passed to authenticate that.  The main agenda of this wave were equal rights when it comes to family, workplace, sexuality, and reproduction. During this time problems of Middle Class White Women were highlighted. Women during this time were part of many right groups which included but not limited to the Chicano Rights Movement, Black Civil Rights Movement, Anti Vietnam Movement, Asian-American Civil Rights Movement and  Gay and Lesbian Movement. The main concern still remained that their voices were not heard as gender equality was still not achievable. They continued to fighting for equal rights as that would lead towards other areas of concern (DOREY-STEIN, 2015).

3rd wave was from 1990’s and it’s still continuing:

In the past the feminist wave has made a lot of progress. Today’s women are equal to or more than men in many areas. The issue that remains is that the word feminism and the movement has gotten distorted. First and foremost as a feminist, one should acknowledge the fact that women have as a whole have gotten a lot stronger, and the right to equality has been achieved in almost all areas. Women and activist groups are still fighting for their rights but they are losing the actual picture. Feminism is needed and should be a requirement throughout the world; things have gotten better but still many issues exist.  Things like poverty and violence against women is something that has to be stopped,  Issues that women face such as Dowry Abuse, Rape, Honor Killing, Acid Attacks, Forced Marriages, Child Marriages, sexual harassment at work, and the list goes on. These are things that feminists have to look at; and that is where they should use their power and resources (DOREY-STEIN, 2015).

Has Feminism Gone Too Far  – Latest Tricks (hi5blast, 2015)

Has feminism gone too far?

Gender equality is certainly a mandatory field which needs to check in all areas. Throughout history women rights have progressed and they have certainly leveled as to that of men in many societies. Sure there is sexism in rural or deprived areas which I have talked about in some of my past works. If you look at the progress it has been vast, but why isn’t this progress acknowledged? Pay scale for instance, it is claimed by activist groups that women earn less than men; but they never take into account the work status or the hours put in. The video below will explain what I am trying to portray.

If equality is what you search for why don’t you split the bill, why are men required by society to pay for the woman’s meal? Let’s consider another instance; a man taking snaps of children swimming or is just loitering around near a children’s park, that would possibly raise a lot of red flags. The same is done by a woman, no one bothers to investigate.

The most relevant thing if you live in Pakistan; on weekends or various occasions,  a ban on stags is practiced by most of the malls. Only families can enter;  so three girls who are friends can enter; whereas  two actual brothers by blood are not granted permission to enter.  Where is the equality, shouldn’t a feminist look into that?  There was a case on Virgin Airlines where a man was asked to switch seats with a woman as he was sitting with two unsupervised children, shouldn’t the rule be that the seat should have been left vacant, or that would have made Virgin Airlines less money? (Has feminism gone too far? )

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

The problem is that this third wave extreme feminists are giving us feminists a bad name ( Has feminism gone too far? ). See the way I have written this piece, I have used He or She and him or Her throughout the essay; this is equality; not singling out. Equality should be on all grounds for all individuals. You should aim for a humanistic approach rather than a gender biased approach. If you have power and your voice has magnitude; use it for the good of the people. If you are a feminist or believe in a certain cause and have the right resources; why not use them?  There have been various cases of inequality towards men, in the fight for gender equality, that needs to change.  There are many issues are the world that women still have to face, if you have the power do the responsible thing and helping these women out. Issues such as ACTUAL harassment, dowry abuse, marriage problems, lynching, honor killing, suicide, forced marriages, child marriages, being deprived from education, etc.  Do what is right and disprove the statement:  has feminism gone too far?


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    In my opinion, in the Doctor’s scenario. I think it’s no even related to feminism, its completely unprofessional to try to add one of your patients on Facebook and he should of known that.

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