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Justice for Zainab

Justice for Zainab


Justice for Zainab: Heartbreaking, heart-wrenching and disturbing; these words and nor any adjectives can testify the intensity we as Pakistanis and as humans feel post the murder of the 7-year-old Angel, Zainab. A scenario that brings chills down our spines; Horrifying. The girl who had a bright future was forced towards the bright light. Zainab was abducted on the 4th of January 2018. The seven-year old was walking towards a nearby house for Quran Studies. Her body was found in a garbage dump on the 9th of January. The postmortem report deduced that she had been possibly dead 2 days prior to being found. The body also revealed that the young girl was raped and strangled by her captives. A CCTV footage was broadcasted that showed the last sightings of Zainab walking with a man; who is the main suspect of the case. The face of the man is blurry thus his identity is still unknown. The child’s parents were out of the country for Umrah. (Zainabs Rape and Murder Case and how to protect our children from child molesters) (Justice for Zainab)

In Pakistan we are used to hearing news of people being robbed, murdered, raped, kidnapped etc. But cases such as Zainabs rape and murder are eye openers. This is an all time low for our governing system and an all time low for criminals as well. What sick mindset would the killer or killers possess that they are able to carry on with such  horrendous acts. Do they fear the All Mighty and our law? Cant their sexual urges be kept in check by their wives or by hiring a prostitute, the act seems completely satanic and the culprit seems to have zero compassion and emotion on every accord. When these people would be caught, the question that they would be asked is “what if this was done to your daughter or sister?” and they would give the obvious answer, but I feel the horrific reality is that these deviants already sexually abuse their own family members (Zainabs Rape and Murder Case and how to protect our children from child molesters) (Justice for Zainab)


  1. Current Scenario of rape and Murder Cases in Pakistan (Justice for Zainab) 
  2. Things that have surfaced after Zainabs Rape and Murder Case (Justice for Zainab)
  3. How could have Zainabs rape and murder case been avoided (Justice for Zainab)
  4. Punishment of Pedophiles/ Rapists/ Murderers (Justice for Zainab)
  5. Some of the cases of sexual abuse that have been reported (Justice for Zainab)
  6. Profile of Imran, person accused from Zainabs rape and murder case (Justice for Zainab)
  7. Mindset of a child molester and people who sexually abuse children (Justice for Zainab)
  8. Behavior of a Pedophiles (Justice for Zainab)
  9. Things to watch out for to intercept a potential child molester (Justice for Zainab)
  10. Preparing children to be aware of such deviants in the society (Justice for Zainab)
  11. Course or action needed to protect our children from child molesters. (Justice for Zainab)
  12. My analysis on Zainabs Rape and Murder Case and how to protect our children from child molesters (Justice for Zainab)

Current Scenario of rape and Murder Cases in Pakistan

Children in Pakistan, from both privileged and underprivileged backgrounds are under constant threats. The young minds may be prone to some of the following issues:

  1. Child Labor
  2. Child Marriage
  3. Dowry issues for young wives
  4. Kidnapping
  5. Human Trafficking
  6. Slavery
  7. Molestation
  8. Rape and Murder

It’s a shame and we all are to blame for it, the politicians as well as us civilians. We are supposed to provide a firm background that our young ones may cherish. Let’s talk about the main Elephant in the room, because of Zainabs rape and murder case, our ill ways have further highlighted, things that should have been dealt with in hindsight are now coming out as realizations.  The current scenario of child molestation shows how we have failed to give a bright future to the future heirs of our country. The question we need to ask ourselves why are we just becoming aware about these facts and figures after a young girl lost her life, If these things were given stern attention before maybe Zainab would have been greeting her parents when they came back from their Holy pilgrimage. Sahil a NGO from Pakistan has collected data which proves that at least 11 cases of sexual abuse of children are reported on a daily basis. The focus here is on reported, many cases are not reported so the figure is most probably understated.  Sahil also states that 1764 cases of child abuse were reported in the first six months of 2017 (Desk, 2018).

  • Sindh: 490
  • Balochistan: 76
  • Punjab: 1089
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: 42
  • Federal: 58
  • Azad Jamu and Kashmir: 9

74% of the reported cases are from rural areas and there has been a 10% increase in children being sexually abused in Urban areas. 45% of the culprits were acquaintances of the children while 17% of the total accused were strangers. 15% of the victims suffered in their own vicinity, whereas 12 percent of the victims were sexually abused at the culprits place. Sexual abuse of children by landlords has had a massive increase.  Sounds horrible doesn’t it, and the sad thing is that there has not been any significant action taken to set an example and such outrageous acts are escalating (Zainabs Rape and Murder Case and how to protect our children from child molesters) (Desk, 2018).

Things that have surfaced after Zainabs Rape and Murder Case (Justice for Zainab) 

Things we know Post Zainabs Rape Murder Case

The event was so shocking that no one could hold back their emotions and people started demanding justice for the departed (May Her Soul Rest in Peace) and her family. The events that took place after Zainabs body was discovered are as follows:

  1. The whole country as well as the whole world was outraged and demanded justice for Zainab
  2. Zainabs parents came back from Umrah as they were informed about the horrific situation that daughter had to face before passing away. (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)
  3. The law enforcement did not pay much heed to the CCTV footage initially, but once they were pressurized from all sides they started the investigation. (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)
  4. A CCTV footage was revealed in which Zainab was walking with an unknown man who is most probably the culprit (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)

    Zainab Walking away with Stranger

  5. The CCTV footage was not clear so the police made a sketch of what they thought might be the closest to the assailant. (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)

    Sketch made by the police

  6. The postmortem report of Zainab revealed that the DNA found was also found on various other similar preceding cases in the close proximity to where Zainabs body was found within Kasur. (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)
  7. The whole country demanded justice and massive protests were held and are still being held to get the culprits behind bars or give them the highest form of punishment. (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)
  8. People who were protesting in Kasur were faced with retaliation from Law Enforcement agencies, as a result two people lost their lives and many were injured. (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)
  9. People started noticing how child molestation is a growing concern and started to highlight it. (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)
  10. Many other cases of child molestation were reported and many culprits were caught red-handed. (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)
  11. People have now become aware on the threat the children may face and many may be considering educating their children on how to pinpoint child molesters and report when they see someone with such intentions or if someone has tried to or has molested them. (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)
  12. A clearer CCTV footage surfaced of the potential culprit, but the attire in the new CCTV seems to be different to that of the man with whom Zainab was last seen walking.

                     New CCTV footage

  13. A news also surfaced that the Police had apprehended the culprit in Lahore, but still it is not confirmed as to if they got the right man, we may soon find out what may be the outcome.
  14. People got on to social media in support of Zainab and many Pakistanis changed their display pictures to Zainabs picture. (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)
  15. Two key suspects were taken in to custody, who had been booked for similar sketchy cases in the past (Ahsan, 2018).
  16. On the 21st of January, the supreme court gave the Joint Investigation Team 72 hours to probe Zainabs case (Shakir, 2018).
  17. On 23rd January a ray of hope was shun, as the child molester/rapist/murderer was apprehended and his DNA samples were found on the crime scene. His DNA was also present on 7 other girls who had gone through similar circumstances. The murderer name is Imran Ali, who is a 23-year-old boy and Zainabs neighbor. The little angel was told that they were going to receive her parents from the airport and that is how she was kidnapped. (Zainabs Rape and Murder Case and how to protect our children from child molesters) (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)

  18. It was revealed by a very credible journalist, Dr. Shahid Masood; Imran Ali is just one of the people responsible. Dr. Shahid gave proof that this case at hand is not just about an innocent child being tortured, raped and murdered; it is about a global violent child pornography business. Imran Ali’s profile put forward, does not seem to be true as per Dr. Shahid. Further investigation is underway.

  19. After months of trial, verdicts and appeals the court finally decided to hang Imran ali on the 17th of October. (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)
  20. Imran was sentenced to be hanged on 21 death counts, Three life sentences and 23 years in Jail. He was also 2.5 Million Rs. and 255000 Rs.  (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)
  21. The honorable president of Pakistan, Arif Alvi rejected Imran’s appeal on the 10th of October. (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)
  22. Zainab Ansari’s father demanded that Imran should be hanged publicly to set an example for any potential child molesters, rapist and murderers.  (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)
  23. On 17th October Imran Ali was hanged to death at 5: 30 in the morning. His hanging took place in the presence of Zainab’s father and Uncles. Imran was allowed to meet his family prior to meeting his faith. Once it was confirmed that the deviant had left this earth, his body was handed over to his family. (Justice for Zainab) (Zainab Ansaris Story)

Justice for Zainab – Cases of Child Molestation

Karachi Sachal Area Child sexually abused ( Justice for Zainab – Cases of Child Molestation )

Allegation of child abuse in madrasas ( Justice for Zainab – Cases of Child Molestation )

Child molestation market in Peshawar bus stands ( Justice for Zainab – Cases of Child Molestation )

The above mentioned cases are some of the many cases that have been reported. My question is, what were the penalties or punishments faced by the wrongdoers? The Peshawar video has many people admitting that they occasionally indulge in having sex with children, are they behind bars after this documentary aired? ( Justice for Zainab – Cases of Child Molestation )

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Six Causes Of Unemployment In Pakistan in 2018

Six Causes Of Unemployment In Pakistan in 2018

Six Causes Of Unemployment In Pakistan in 2018

Six Causes Of Unemployment In Pakistan in 2018: Food, water and shelter; the basic necessities every individual needs to survive. The sad thing is many strive to survive but the odds always fall against them. The chain is pretty self explanatory, people work and earn and spend their earnings on necessities and savings on a later stage; the definition of an honest living. But misfortunes arise and the work factor does not exist for many in the survival equation. The causal effect leads to an increase in unemployment. Unemployment rate is basically the number of people actively looking for potential career paths divided by the actual workforce. End of the day we are just left with false promises of Roti, Kapra, Makan (food, water and shelter) and fraudulent messages from Benazir Income Support.

Our citizens may possess all the merits and talents, but what is the point if many of them can’t put it to good use. This is the reason many people move abroad to persuade and augment their career and finances. We would look at the current scenario in comparison to the past; reasons for unemployment and the potential paths to reduce it.

Current Unemployment rate in Pakistan

Pakistan has had its fare shares of ups and downs, and during the bad times a lot of people suffer. Unemployment may lead people towards a potential dark path, to avoid such circumstances we need to curb it (Six Causes Of Unemployment In Pakistan in 2018). The Current Unemployment rate of Pakistan as compared to the past and future forecasts is as Follows

Six Causes Of Unemployment In Pakistan in 2018

Current Rate 5.90%
Previous Rate 5.90%
Lowest Rate 3.10%
Highest Rate 7.80%
Q1/2018 6%
Q2/2018 6%
Q3/2018 5.72%
2020 5.70%

(Pakistan Unemployment Rate, 2017)

As per the given Scenario The Unemployment rate has been the same for the past year and 2017. The forecasted Unemployment rate predicts a slight rise  in 2018.  We need to consider mechanisms that reduce the rate much further than the rest of the world. The top 14 countries with the lowest Unemployment rate are as follows:

Six Causes Of Unemployment In Pakistan in 2018

  1. Japan 2.8%
  2. Iceland 2.8%
  3. Czech Republic 3.1%
  4. Mexico 3.5%
  5. Germany 3.6%
  6. South Korea 3.8%
  7. Malta 4.2%
  8. Norway 4.2%
  9. Hungary 4.3%
  10. UK 4.3%
  11. USA 4.4%
  12. New Zeland 4.9%
  13. Poland 4.7%
  14. Russia 4.9% (Hadzic, 2017)

Six Causes Of Unemployment In Pakistan

Supply is More than Demand

Pakistan has a high population rate, 39.1% of this population falls under Urban, where as the remaining 60.9% is Rural population. The overall population change is 2.4%; but the good thing is that in the recent years it has been increasing at a decreasing rate. The issue still remains that the supply of Labor force is ample due to a big size of inhabitants, but the available vacancies are less. The rural population is more as there is less awareness when it comes to contraceptives, education is not prioritized and many also keep having kids to have more sons.  This increase in population brings forward uneducated people seeking jobs and many of them don’t find a suitable role (Pakistan Population, 2017).

Lack of Foreign Direct Investment

There have been major threats in Pakistan from inside and outside terrorist activities. Due to lack of jobs, some of the many unemployed individuals become vulnerable and opt to earn via various crimes. some people also fall prey to ponzi schemes and lose a lot of their savings. This uncertainty leaves a void when it comes to foreign direct investment. People are reluctant in investing in a Pakistan, which is a gold mine with ample resources. Thanks to the All Mighty, the situation has become much better in the last year and we have seen an increase in investments. If people become more prone to invest in Pakistan, this would create many jobs for skilled and unskilled labor. A popular example of how FDI leads to jobs is Gawadar.

Fuel for the fire

Pakistan has an abundance in natural resources, the issue here is that we are not utilizing them properly as no one is on the same page. Greed and individualism is eating our society. If the government and people tap these needed resources a lot of industries can be set up thus creating jobs. Due to a lack of resources, basic necessities like electricity is not supplied as per the demand. This in turn keeps many factories either closing up or relying on expensive alternatives such as generators. Supplying proper electricity and Gas across the nation would also get the ball rolling in reducing unemployment.

Six Causes Of Unemployment In Pakistan in 2018

Educate to proliferate

The education system of Pakistan has always been in a bad state. The Urban population may be benefiting from the private school systems, but the government schools are far from the needed standards. The education board needs to implement certain standards across the country. A proper education system would lead to people from Rural and Urban population to gain proper education. If the system of Public schools is improved, the literacy rate and unemployment rate both would improve.

Disrupt the Corrupt

It’s no secret that are society is knee deep in corruption. Corruption is not just on the accounts of politicians and the wealthy business men, everyone plays some part. A politician swindling money, a taxpayer lying on his or her documents, or an employee accepting a bribe all fall under the same heading.  It’s simple, people are reluctant to pay taxes as they feel politicians would fill their pockets and it would go to waste. Politicians may reserve some of the public money for themselves and invest it in offshore companies to  avoid a trail. End of the day the money meant for the public does not exist. Proper regulations need to be placed so that people pay their taxes and those taxes are put to good use  The taxes need to be put in improving the infrastructure, which in turn would create a lot of jobs.

Merit over Nepotism

Nepotism in essence is favoritism towards an individual because of his or her legacy or because of his or her status. Due to people being chosen because of their references, many individuals who shine on merits are left behind. The only prerequisite to avail a job should be Merit and Nepotism should not leverage an application. The deserving should get the role in question, rather than the person who has a better connection. If this practice is applied unanimously, a lot of rightful people would get the jobs they deserve.  This in turn would increase productivity and create more jobs.

The Bottom Line

Overall the situation does seem better for people, but a lot of work needs to be done to create a stable environment for all individuals.  Many people who end up jobless but encompass the right set of skill sets and talent; end up becoming entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs may succeed and eventually create jobs. There are many options online which we can opt for to start earning. I would be discussing few of the potential many options in this blog. The bottom line is such that there are many causes of Unemployment in Pakistan (Six Causes Of Unemployment In Pakistan), but some of the solutions to decrease the unemployment rate are:

  1. Educate the Rural as well as Urban Population on Family Planning and Safe Sex to reduce the Population growth rate.
  2. Make the law and order conditions better to increase investments from locals and foreigners
  3. Make the Public school system up to the mark as per the required international standards.
  4. Utilize our natural resources properly to create jobs and provide the people with proper electricity and Gas.
  5. Say no to corruption and use the public money for the public’s betterment.
  6. Merits should speak louder than connections when it comes to seeking potential candidates for jobs.
  7. Create unemployment benefits for those actively seeking work, to assure they don’t go the wrong way.
  8. Create more Human Resources departments.
  9. Decide on a retirement age and make sure that all companies adhere to a proper pension for the people retiring.


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Should you start a business with friends or not

Should you start a business with friends or not

Should you start a business with friends or not

Should you start a business with friends or not: When it comes to earning a stable living; a job or work security is essential. Whereas when it comes to mixing work with friends or family; well that’s a road which may be bumpy, straight to the finish or you may end up at a cross roads. In Pakistan when one has this query whether to start something with their friend or friends the general answer we get is, “Bhai , bhai ka ni rheta, dost to dur ki bat hai” which means you can’t even rely on your biological brother when it comes to working with or for them. Well the resultant may be a blissful route which proliferates work as well as friendship,; where as it can also have a very short expiry.( Should you start a business with friends or not).

Things to consider before Starting a business with a friend

Should you start business with friends or not

My personal experiences have always ended up in dismay when it came to such transactions. In some cases the friendship was intact where as the work went down the drain. In other cases friendship and work both ended on a null stage. Mixing friendship with business should be like a married couple; where we should overcome each other’s shortcomings. Business Partners with different skills sets should complement each other’s work rather than  undermine each other. Well in real life scenarios we have exemplary success stories and also many dissatisfied friends.  It is heart wrenching when you see the true colors of someone who you know everything about, but  out of nowhere comes a massive blow. This makes you question all the decisions in your life and how they lead you down this dark path. (Should you start a business with friends or not )

Choices you can opt for when you decide to start a business with a friend

A Sleeping Business Partner: A sleeping business partner is such that invests his or her money but does not take part in the day-to-day operational decisions. The issue here is obviously investment is prerequisite to start any business but  still time is also of the essence. The ability to preach that time = money may become distorted with time. In the case something goes wrong the partner running the business would be blamed for losing out the investment. If things go well the sleeping partner may want more stake of the business and play his or her bargaining chip of revoking his investment. The solution to this is a proper contract that assigns each partner their roles and be familiar if they decide to walk away how may the investment be divided. Starting a business with a friend on these ground also may end up with the same problem, when money comes in to the picture relations are dragged and dropped from the frame.

Should you start a business with friends or not

A Business where the friend has a higher stake:

Many at times one partner brings more to the table then the other. This gives them a sense of superiority and they may try to make decisions solely. To avoid this the partner who is investing less should with time retain his earnings and complete the investment so that it same as that of the partner. This will reach equal grounds and conflicts may be reduced. A friend knows your deepest darkest secret so obviously they know your financial standing. Still this issue exists.

A 50/50% partnership:

This partnership seems to be the most reasonable one. Stakes are at par and the goals are aligned. Still if an issue arises and business partners don’t see eye to eye a dissolution is possible.  When opting for such a partnership one should device a contract (partnership agreement) with such stipulations that do not allow the business partner walking out to claim his or her investments. The idea should be to work through thick and thin like friends should do.

Working for a friend:

This is where things may start getting messy for both the parties. The employee would want to share the same understanding and bond with his or her boss as it was before. The employer or boss may be conflicted on whether to treat his friend with the same openness or be stern when it comes to work. When push comes to shove things may go haywire, the employer may think the friend is taking advantage of him and the other employees may think that this person is getting preferential treatment on account of his relationship.  The rule should be that behind office doors friends should be colleagues or employees and outside the work environment they should not reflect on what happens inside ( Should you start a business with friends or not ).

Prerequisites of starting a business with a friend:

  1. Draw up a contract
  2. Decide on roles and responsibilities
  3. Make sure that the rules and contractual obligations are not breached
  4. Complete transparency at work
  5. Have a clear distinction between work and friendship.
  6. Have an exit strategy in place if things don’t work out

Working with friends or family can be a bliss if executed properly. There are a few steps that should be taken to assure the partnership does not rattle and phase out. For starters the main motive for starting with a friend is trust, you know each other well and are certain that things won’t go wrong. Well regardless of how good your friendship is a binding contract is a necessity. I have always taken a leap of faith  when it comes to working with a friend and have never jotted down a contract; well it always blew up in  my face. Once all the rules, regulations, stakes and obligations are written and signed, the partnership commences. To keep this intact, partners should have their goals and motivations aligned. The business partners know their strong suits and should let each other function in that particular area of expertise. One of the main things is complete transparency, you should correspond about each and every thing to be on the same page.  You need to make sure that the contract stipulates what may happen when a partner walks out and  how his or her investments may be dealt with (Should you start a business with friends or not),

Is it wise to Start a Business With a Friend

To sum up both areas  hold significant importance in one’s life; work and friends. I feel they should have jurisdictions and should not be mixed as end of the day you may end up with no business, no stability and also no friend you can count on for a shoulder.


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Has feminism gone too far?

Has feminism gone too far?

Has feminism gone too far? All men and women are created equally and they stand for equal rights in al accords. Every walk of life should be same for men and women and neither sex should be undermined or oppressed.  Every individual should encompass these morals and beliefs. Throughout history we can pinpoint biases and racism in many societies. There are groups or people who act in a particular way thus giving everyone who have the slightest association with them a bad name.  People go astray and do all that they can to dominate other races: a route towards supremacy.  Look at how KKK is looked upon at and how they believe White Power stands against all odds.  What is the main key here: simple, people get power and authority get the best of them.  Our main concern and focus in this rant is on Feminism. Webster’s dictionary defines feminism as the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes (feminism).

As far as the definition stands; feminism is mandatory and we all should comply with the feminist belief. Don’t you feel this definition has now deflected? Like I said in all walks of life when people let power and greed define them; they lose focus and opt for the wrong higher ground.  I feel the right kinds of feminists may be the popular majority but a few bad bunches have shifted from equal autonomy of the sexes to female supremacy in all areas so has feminism gone too far?

Current Status

There are many females, males, and groups who stand for women’s rights. Their actions and intentions are for the greater good; they disregard oppression and they advocate equality. Like politics and groups here there are also people who let this new-found power get to their head. ( Has feminism gone too far? ) If you hail from Pakistan you must have come across the recent scandal where a Doctor lost his job as he had added a patient on Facebook.  The women in question is the sister of globally renowned Oscar winner Pakistani feminist Sharmeen Obaid.

There has been a lot of technological progress over the years and one of the most used innovation that people use to get connected is social networks.

What if Scenario:

Let me walk you  through a similar scenario; a person sends you a SMS or messages you on Whatsapp. You have no obligation to reply; rather you can ignore the person or block his or her number right? Well if the same person calls you up and talks in a provocative manner; that may be justified as harassment right?

So we can unanimously agree that harassment would be someone breaching your comfort zone by continuously bothering you or inflicting mental or physical torture. Webster describes Harass as “to annoy persistently and to create an unpleasant or hostile situation for especially by uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical conduct” (harass).

So are you also boggled with these questions;

  1. What should we do when someone adds you on Facebook or any other Social Network?
  2. Are we also being harassed by the 100’s of friend requests in our Facebook portal?
  3. How should we report this harassment and to what authority?

Like me, you would be shocked to know; you can cancel a friend request sent to you; you didn’t see that coming: right? To top it all off Facebook gives you an option to block, delete and report the potential harasser.

Focus on my words “potential harasser“, he or she may harass or may not. You can only find out once you add the person or give him or her permission to send you messages. So the mature thing would be to either not respond or just cancel the friend request; block that person and delete also. The thing is that many men and women can predict intentions of the person sending a friend request just by looking at their picture, so the right move would be to get them fired? ( Has feminism gone too far? )


So that brings me to the question on what grounds did the Doctor face termination? As per his employers, he is a repeat offender; thus the step. So did he send a friend request to one of his prior patients?  The what if scenario above is of a much higher intensity as the person who may harass has your number. What if the doctor just sent a friend request as he wanted to discuss something related to the patient’s health? Thus the main question arises:

If me or you had gone through the same scenario, and reported the doctors behavior, would he have had faced the same fate? Keeping in mind that I do not have an Oscar nor am a well-known feminist.


This is one of the many scenarios that portrays abusing your power. If we consider the scenario for a different angle, where a man is being added by a female doctor, would that issue would have been treated in the same manner? We all know that it would have not gotten that much importance, so is feminism a fight for equality or a fight for supremacy?

Has Feminism Gone Too Far – Latest Tricks (hi5blast, 2015)


                                           Has Feminism Gone Too Far – Latest Tricks (hi5blast, 2015)

                                     Has Feminism Gone Too Far – Latest Tricks (hi5blast, 2015)

History of Feminism:

There have been three waves of feminism, which have been accounted for throughout history.

1st wave was from 1830’s to early 1900’s

Women in the Early 19th to 20th century considered that a political standing may grant them other rights. So the wave was started to secure rights to vote. Via politics women tried to highlight issues related to reproductive, economic and sexual matters. They spread awareness that women are equal to men and they can contribute just as much (DOREY-STEIN, 2015)

2nd wave was from 1960’s to 1980’s:

This was the time when United States was picking up the pieces post World War 2.  It was now believed that women have equal rights; but this was just a misconception and no bill or amendment was passed to authenticate that.  The main agenda of this wave were equal rights when it comes to family, workplace, sexuality, and reproduction. During this time problems of Middle Class White Women were highlighted. Women during this time were part of many right groups which included but not limited to the Chicano Rights Movement, Black Civil Rights Movement, Anti Vietnam Movement, Asian-American Civil Rights Movement and  Gay and Lesbian Movement. The main concern still remained that their voices were not heard as gender equality was still not achievable. They continued to fighting for equal rights as that would lead towards other areas of concern (DOREY-STEIN, 2015).

3rd wave was from 1990’s and it’s still continuing:

In the past the feminist wave has made a lot of progress. Today’s women are equal to or more than men in many areas. The issue that remains is that the word feminism and the movement has gotten distorted. First and foremost as a feminist, one should acknowledge the fact that women have as a whole have gotten a lot stronger, and the right to equality has been achieved in almost all areas. Women and activist groups are still fighting for their rights but they are losing the actual picture. Feminism is needed and should be a requirement throughout the world; things have gotten better but still many issues exist.  Things like poverty and violence against women is something that has to be stopped,  Issues that women face such as Dowry Abuse, Rape, Honor Killing, Acid Attacks, Forced Marriages, Child Marriages, sexual harassment at work, and the list goes on. These are things that feminists have to look at; and that is where they should use their power and resources (DOREY-STEIN, 2015).

Has Feminism Gone Too Far  – Latest Tricks (hi5blast, 2015)

Has feminism gone too far?

Gender equality is certainly a mandatory field which needs to check in all areas. Throughout history women rights have progressed and they have certainly leveled as to that of men in many societies. Sure there is sexism in rural or deprived areas which I have talked about in some of my past works. If you look at the progress it has been vast, but why isn’t this progress acknowledged? Pay scale for instance, it is claimed by activist groups that women earn less than men; but they never take into account the work status or the hours put in. The video below will explain what I am trying to portray.

If equality is what you search for why don’t you split the bill, why are men required by society to pay for the woman’s meal? Let’s consider another instance; a man taking snaps of children swimming or is just loitering around near a children’s park, that would possibly raise a lot of red flags. The same is done by a woman, no one bothers to investigate.

The most relevant thing if you live in Pakistan; on weekends or various occasions,  a ban on stags is practiced by most of the malls. Only families can enter;  so three girls who are friends can enter; whereas  two actual brothers by blood are not granted permission to enter.  Where is the equality, shouldn’t a feminist look into that?  There was a case on Virgin Airlines where a man was asked to switch seats with a woman as he was sitting with two unsupervised children, shouldn’t the rule be that the seat should have been left vacant, or that would have made Virgin Airlines less money? (Has feminism gone too far? )

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

The problem is that this third wave extreme feminists are giving us feminists a bad name ( Has feminism gone too far? ). See the way I have written this piece, I have used He or She and him or Her throughout the essay; this is equality; not singling out. Equality should be on all grounds for all individuals. You should aim for a humanistic approach rather than a gender biased approach. If you have power and your voice has magnitude; use it for the good of the people. If you are a feminist or believe in a certain cause and have the right resources; why not use them?  There have been various cases of inequality towards men, in the fight for gender equality, that needs to change.  There are many issues are the world that women still have to face, if you have the power do the responsible thing and helping these women out. Issues such as ACTUAL harassment, dowry abuse, marriage problems, lynching, honor killing, suicide, forced marriages, child marriages, being deprived from education, etc.  Do what is right and disprove the statement:  has feminism gone too far?


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Hop Towards Hope (Donate and Volunteer)

                   A Hop Towards Hope (Donate and Volunteer)


Why Contribute (Donate and Volunteer)

A Hop towards Hope (Donate and Volunteer).Wealth is either earned or passed down. There is a common misconception that people denote wealth and money as an equivalent to happiness; that is so far from the truth. The definition of happiness as per me should be being content in all areas, monetary, family, social etc. You may be loaded with all the bounties or you might be envious of someone who has a mansion like Scrooge Mc Duck; just consider all aspects of his or her life. Scrooge even though was the richest Duck in Duck Berg; he was not inclined towards any family connections and felt empty inside. If a person needs a car, or wants to start a business, or needs basic food, water and shelter, etc.; without an exchange entity these needs, wants and desires may not be achievable. Some have it in abundance, others are running after it. A community should run in such a way that no stones are left un-turned in helping the poor. We all can play a part by carrying out a few tasks to reduce poverty and raise the standard of living of many. A little love and compassion can go a long way. This topic is to urge people to make a difference and take a hop towards hope.  Focusing on luxuries and a better standard of living is defiantly a plus point of being rich, but it is our responsibility to aid the community.  The greed to earning as much as you can is no route to self-actualization, but making a difference will surely map you towards a feeling of content.

There are various benefits of donating and volunteering; a little help will make a huge difference; do your part. Abdul Satar Edhi dedicated his life towards helping the poor. His life is a perfect example of selfless living; he never spent on himself, but provided a home for 1000’s and 1000’s of people. He passed away leaving behind his foundations, his teachings and a humanitarian example. Such people are rare and may his soul rest in peace.
Abdul Sattar Edhi

Health benefits of donations and volunteer work:

Hop For Hope (Donate and Volunteer)

Helping the less fortunate or standing up for a cause has many potential benefits. Health is wealth; and by donating some of your actual wealth you in turn reap many health benefits. One reason is that people who give up their time and money (A Hop towards Hope (Donate and Volunteer)); feel socially connected. This sense of connection reduces depression, loneliness and anxiety. Studies have shown that people who volunteer are physically healthier; blood pressure is lowered and their lifespan also increases.

Carnegie Mellon University, published in Psychology and Aging. that adults who are over 50 years and volunteer are less likely to have high blood pressure. Volunteering also reduces mental stress, which if high can open the gateway towards many diseases. A minimum of 100 hours of volunteer work on a yearly basis can lead towards a healthier lifestyle (Watson, 2013).

Benefits of Charitable Donations

Experience more pleasure

Monetary bounties give you a sense of safety; worse come worse basis you have your fortune to fall back on. The question is does it guarantee that or does it give you a sense of content? Shocking but no money does not guarantee happiness. Money comes and goes; an example would be; Syria, there may be rich and poor. The rich people would be living their life to the fullest, bam there is a war; everything you own you have to leave behind. This uncertainty always exists. The way you can make your life meaningful is through donating what you can to those who are less fortunate so take a hop towards hope (Donate and Volunteer).. When they proliferate from your giveaways; that feeling would lead you towards gladness. Knowing that we made a difference is what leads us and others towards bliss. A research conducted by National Institute of Health showed that people who chose to donate a portion of 100 dollars they were given, had their pleasure centers activated in their brain (Blogger, 2015).

Needy People

Perfection as a whole is not attainable. This world we live in there is a giant breach in equality and class. There is always someone in need and we should be backing them if we have the resources, If destiny has giant sums written for you then you may achieve it, if not well God has made frameworks to support the poor. If we all follow the right path and support a humanitarian cause; salvation is achievable as a whole. Citizens of a  country, governments, philanthropist and NGOs can all work hand in hand to make the world a better place (Blogger, 2015).

Add More Meaning To Your life

When you stand up for a cause; there are other people who may also be on the same boat. This creates connections, circles and the overall impact of your efforts augments. When a number of people follow in similar footsteps, better ideas and approaches are generated. If you have had bad luck personally or professionally, these new connections may help you out; plus doing good for others would bring you good karma (Blogger, 2015).

Set An Example For Your Kids

You should always lead by example. Our children have to be nurtured in a way that they know the right path and believe in sharing and caring. When a child sees his or her parents doing something good, he or she would consciously or subconsciously pick up that habit. Spare some change in front of your children or carry out donations, monetary or other commodities. They would also learn to do as you do. This way their little hearts would be filled with love and compassion for others (Blogger, 2015).

Motivate Friends and Family To Contribute

Social issues such as poverty, unemployment, child labor and no education; have high negative impacts. and if not highlighted, a society may crumble and break. If you are doing something good, something positive and you believe in the cause; make sure that you make others aware of how you are making a difference. Awareness on such topics can generate more funds and thus help more people. Make sure to give and preach others the benefits of helping those in need. You can feel satisfaction from your giving as well as from the people who you motivated to stand up for the oppressed. I have personally collaborated with a  few organizations to collect charities which required urgent attention. I collaborated all the needed evidence to proof authenticity and sent mass messages via Whatsapp and face book (Blogger, 2015).

Realize Every Bit Counts

The more the merrier; but less does not go in vain. If you don’t have 1000s’ to donate, start from something small. A little can go a long way. In developing countries a few dollars can make a huge difference towards food, water and shelter. Plus as I mentioned above; if you motivate others to also donate; the accumulated amounts can be a lot. So even if you have a little, take a hop towards hope (Donate and Volunteer). (Blogger, 2015).

Improve Personal Money Management:

Through charity you can also align your finances in a positive way. An instance would be that a person donates 80 to 100 dollars every month; he or she would make sure that excluding this amount they have enough to sustain for the remaining month. Think of it as tax; the higher you earn puts you in a higher bracket. So even if you earn less; like on odd jobs, you should still donate. This would purify your wealth, body, mind and soul (Blogger, 2015)

Give If You Can’t Volunteer

If you cannot volunteer for whatever constraints; donation is a viable option. Your schedule does not let you go out and do some field work well you have a variety of options around the world. There are people who are refugees living in dire conditions; help them out. Countries which are developing or underdeveloped, where basic necessities are not achievable, find a reliable charity and make sure your money gets well spent (Blogger, 2015). I have jotted down a few charities at the end; please donate what you can and take a hop to hope (donate and volunteer)

Hop to Hope (donate and Volunteer)

Benefits of Volunteering

If donations are not your cup of tea, as either you are not sure your money is being put to the right use or your financial conditions do not allow you to generously donate; volunteer for humanitarian causes and make a difference. Like charity, volunteer work also has many benefits. When one volunteers he or she has an appraisal in confidence; they learn and do  new things and gain a sense of accomplishment. Like charity can have a major difference, so can volunteer work. The equation is such that time and money are both very important; if someone is putting forward funds; he or she should be categorized equivalent to someone putting his or her time on the line.  Volunteering also leads to an individual meeting different people and increasing his or her circle. Through this kind and generous act you learn new things and skills. These skills boost your life experience and also your professional credibility. The community as a whole benefits and the person volunteering realizes how his or her  actions are impacting others. A few years back there was a huge earthquake in Northern areas of Pakistan. We were asked by a friend to volunteer in collecting ration which was suppose to be dispatched to the people in need. Our role was to carry heavy bags of rice and other basic necessities to a loading truck. Since the goods were pretty heavy a couple of us made a chain to get things done in a fast pace. That memory would always stay with me as I helped  towards a humanitarian cause and the people behind the charity were legit. It was a fun episode and a lot of work got done. I gained confidence, became a social butterfly, made a difference and had a sense of belonging. Volunteering also gets us to be more aware of what actually is happening and why the people need your help. so I urge you to  Hop towards Hope (Donate and Volunteer). (Benefits of volunteering, n.d.).

Call To Action

So overall we all have responsibilities on our head to make the world a better place. In the words of the Late Michael Jackson, “Heal the World.. and make a better place for you and for me and the entire human race”. Do what you can when it comes to donations; if donating money is not an option; you can give out books, clothes, food and other basic necessities. Try to walk in the shoes of the less fortunate, and aim that one day they would walk in your shoes.

Please Click below I have compiled a list of organizations where you can donate. Currently I have added  the ones which need urgent attention and also a few from different countries. I would keep updating this list but; if some link is broken or if it does not work; please leave a comment. Please spread the word, and lets aim for a better tomorrow, where we all stand hand in hand and our heads up high. Let’s be selfless and Hop towards hope ( Donate and Volunteer)


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Politics of fear

Politics of fear

Terrorism and Political Misdirection

Politics of Fear. Politicians constantly proclaim strategies for the greater good and make un-achievable promises. The only plus point for them is that they have blind followers who believe each and everything they say. Well, obviously some or most of the goals cannot be met and that is when misdirection are used to shift the lime light. Politicians, alongside the media, manipulate the citizens in such a manner that they lose focus of their current outrage and rants, and start focusing on the new issue at hand. Throughout history this game-play has been used where people have lost lives and homes have been shattered. But again these are collateral damage leading towards the greater good. Governments have many at times practiced such tactics.

       Collateral Damage For The Greater Good

Political Misdirection

                       Politics of Fear

Considering politics,there is always a big bang when something of paramount importance has to surface or some government or mafia-backed convict’s prosecution is about to be publicized. There is always something boiling behind the scenes and it bursts to shift the public eye from one issue to the next. Terrorism has played a major part in these scenarios and any layman can map the pieces regarding what I mean. The world needs more selfless people and, considering the current global state of affairs, there seems to be a major shortage in this department; or the right person is never elected. Misdirection’s are created through fear and havoc (Politics of Fear). This lets politicians get across their point of view, which people agree to as they are raged and afraid. The other reason is           to divert people’s attention and completely change the picture to a new channel. It’s just diplomacy and training that makes all-powerful figures strike when the iron is hot and switch the populace in their favor. The concept of accountability is not something that our politicians dread; they come in power, fill their pockets and leave. It may seem to us that opposition tries its best to uncover all flaws and get justice for the people; yet the reality is that all parties are in cahoots and back each other. They seem as rivals for the camera but when push comes to shove they strategize such that another unrelated problem becomes the center of attention. The alternate issue that arises is of such impact that no ADHD medicine can keep the audience inclined toward the main problem (Naqvi, 2016). These misdirection’s and diversions work on a much larger scale; the causal effect of these actions is not just targeted towards one country but they impact globally, leading towards gains for a few while fear and devastation for many.

Where The Focus Should Be          

The role of the ruling party should be to take the needs and requirements of people into consideration, but that ideology does not fall in their plate; rather they focus on what may make them more content and not the public. As per a study conducted in 2014: 15% of the American population was below the poverty line. This 15% accounts for 46.7 million of the total population and it includes 15.1 million children under 18. An average of 48.1 million Americans do not have enough food and hunger is a major concern. There is also a giant lapse in Education systems. 7000 students on average drop out of high schools on a daily basis. Shouldn’t politicians be focusing on these issues to assure a better future for their public? Rather they delegate on things such as civil rights, which can be dealt with, but they turn a blind eye towards the underlining issues which may make a society stronger (Basset, 2016).

Misdirection’s via Terror     

                Osama Bin Ladin

Terrorists contemplate heinous acts that rock the foundation of societies and humanities. Though their main aim is destruction and havoc for the general population, overall their actions work in favor of the intentions of many politicians. Consider the impact of 9/11 on America and the rest of the world; the consequent effects have derailed many societies and nations. Many people lost their lives; many families were broken, which is shocking. That is just collateral damage to the perpetrators. This brings us to the question: was it an inside job? Why was Osama referred to as an ex CIA asset? If the attacks did not take place, the so-called war on existence of weapons of mass destruction may not have taken place; or would there have been something else to go as per plan? Weapons of mass destruction were owned by many countries and many nations had fierce dictators, then why only Saddam fell prey? The 9/11 attacks sparked fury and fear in the general public, and the uncertainty that another attack may take place, lead towards major dynamic shifts. This bred the generalization that all Middle Easterners eventually choose the Jihadi route, and inflamed the justification that Iraq should be dealt with strict actions (Politics of Fear). USA wanted to send a message to neighboring countries of Iraq i.e. Syria and Iran. CIA’s Director also admitted that war was not the answer and it could have been avoided (Cochran, n.a.)

Gains From Terror Attacks

Weapons of Mass Destruction        

 Pentagon 9-11

There were numerous reasons that political fronts benefited from the twin tower’s crash. There are also many theories which indicate how the attack may have been staged. Post 9/11 attacks the retaliation by US government gave the people living in fear and vengeance a ray of sunshine and the political gains were massive for America as well as their allies (Politics of Fear).  The New York authority was facing issues in putting spaces within the tower up for rent, Three months prior to the attack the towers were sold to Larry Silverstein who got a massive settlement after the attack as he had applied for damage insurance. Drug trafficking from Afghanistan minted billions of dollars, and, after the Afghan war, all the new stake holders reaped from these earnings.  Corporations benefited as the control of Oil and Gas was a major advantage of the war in Iraq. History dictates that the United States started having problems with Saddam once he kicked out Oil companies from Iraq. Israel, too, benefited as a major potential threat from Iraq was taken care of by their associates. Companies dealing in weaponry have made good money through the wars in the Middle East. There were many other benefits but the underlining advantage was the advent of Islamophobia; westerners started fearing Muslims, and a religion that advocates peace and brotherhood is now treated as a breeding ground for terrorism(America, 2011)

Terror influencing Election Results

Some theories state that the recent London and Paris attacks also had a motive to influence the upcoming elections. As stated above, fear and vengeance can be manipulated to one’s advantage. People were already dreading the prior attacks; and boom another attack right before the elections. Similar was the case in Paris when a terrorist attack took place three days prior to the public vote. Political scientists believe that terror attacks increased support for conservative players such as May and Emmanuel Macron in Paris. Likewise the socialist party in Spain also won after the 2004 Madrid bombing. Theresa May adopted a very stern approach to conquer terrorism and considering the state of mind of the people at that point in time, they could relate more to her strict approach (politics of fear) (Calamur, 2017)

Misdirection in the Subcontinent

                        Politics of Fear

There has been an escalation of terror threats and attacks in the sub continental region. Kashmir has always been a disputed territory for both India and Pakistan. Ever since independence the Kashmiri people have had to face major crises at the hands of Indian forces, and the international community has always been deflected from this issue. It has been claimed that India staged surgical strikes and Uri attack to withdraw the international community’s attention from the atrocities it has been conducting in Occupied Kashmir. Burhan Wani, a Kashmiri freedom fighter,received martyrdom which aggravated the Kashmiri people to stand for their rights. India has intensified its retaliation and has been oppressing Kashmiris’. This is also a violation on international standards. To avoid international condemnation India has been trying to frame Pakistan for terrorist activities. Only in 2017 India has violated the ceasefire 542 times in which 18 innocent civilians lost their lives. (India escalating tension on LoC to divert attention from Kashmir: FO, 2017)(India staged Uri attack to divert attention from Kashmir: Asif, 2016).

Responsible behavior

To conclude, my analysis is that throughout history local people have faced killings and massacres but they are just pawns in the political game. A few lost souls are needed for a greater political gain; but this gain is just beneficial for the politicians, not the general public. Fear, beliefs and emotions are manipulated in a manner that people lose sight of their shortcomings and start supporting what they think is a way out. People need to understand how naive they can be, and proliferate in such a way that hatred and fear are diminished, which leads to inner and global peace. Electing the right person should be based on merit and past record, and not on their policies reflecting the conditions at that point in time (politics of fear). We need to get rid of misconceptions about Islamophobia and advocate peace to retain solid grounds. If people don’t stop living in constant fear and politicians don’t stop using this to their advantage; end of the day the terrorists are succeeding in their overall goals.



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Get Married If The Price Is Right

Get Married if the price is right

Dowry: A Prerequisite.

Get Married if the price is right. Marriage denotes a fairy tale where a couple starts their life hand in hand through thick and thin. The sanctity is to such an extent that Islam says that half your religious obligations are completed when you walk in to holy matrimony. The custom is that a man or his family asks for the female’s hand and if he is given a thumbs up, the ceremonial bliss takes place.  The woman leaves her house moves in with her husband and his family and their journey begins. This scenario seems like a joyous occasion and a recipe of happiness. Well that isn’t the story always, marriage puts immense responsibility on the brides account. There is a known norm which has now been embedded in our culture; i.e. Dowry. A blessing for the groom where as a curse for his spouse to be. Dowry is an amount or goods paid by the bride’s family to the grooms. This may include but not limited to Gold, furniture, House, car, etc. Well this may be easy for the financially blessed families, but the poor ones have to go down a dark path. Many daughters cannot take the marriage leap just because they cannot meet this prerequisite (Get Married If The Price is Right). Some who cannot comply but still get married; have to face a life of taunts and discomfort.  Marriage is a promise to stand by through sickness and health and through rich or poor; but shouldn’t the promise be validated prior to the legal and religious authentication. Why does the bride in our culture go through the bumpy road? Whereas the responsibilities should be shared equally, so Is marriage a joyous mirage?

The Cultural Curse

The cultural curse has been passed through generations and generation mostly in South Asia. The bride’s family has to provide the required dowry to the groom to ascertain that the new couple have a stable life. It seems like a compensation to the husband as he has to take care of the wife. The problem arises when someone can not comply with the promised upon dowry.  Some people avoid the hardships of  accumulating the needed remuneration by not getting their daughters married. One of the main post marriage problems for someone who does not bring her fair share of priced possessions is domestic abuse. The woman has to go through continuous taunts and domestic abuse. Some cases may even lead to conclusion of her life. This is where the contradiction arises, a man has to have his wife’s back through all hardships; but in such a scenario he is the reason for all the traumas (Get Married If the Price Is Right).

Get Married if the price is right

type post

Stats and Facts

The statistics are quiet alarming, around 5000 women are killed every year in Domestic abuse.  The Human Rights commission of Pakistan claims that about 4 women are killed every day by their husband or any other family member.  Dowry violence includes mental and physical torture of the wife, murder, rape, acid attacks and lynching (Feroz, 2017). In 2012, 8233 women were killed in India on Dowry related episodes, these were all new brides and were killed by their husbands or his family.  In 2011 99,135 women faced violence and cruelty at the hands of their husbands and in-laws. In 2012 the violence intensified to 106,527. These barbaric actions by the man and his family are mostly consequent effects of Dowry related problems. These cruel measures may lead towards murder of the young bride (Nelson, 2013). A 25-year-old girl was forced to douse acid down her throat by her in laws as she was not able to bring the required Dowry.  This is just one of the many examples  but you do get the picture of intensity when it comes to Dowry abuse (Niazi, 2015).

Is it any better?

Due to education and awareness many people are moving away from this system. Cases of Dowry acquisition seem to have decreased in the Urban areas. There is still a lot of work needed in the rural areas to eradicate this norm. Sure if you are sitting on a fortune and by free will you want to gift generously to your son-in-law, that is big of you. The only problem is that this is treated as an obligation and a requirement. There are functions in which the grooms mother gathers all the gifts he receives and parades them for their friends and family to view. Which also points that people also give Dowry as consciously or subconsciously they are thinking that what may others think if they don’t. To avoid the taunting Log Kya Sochenge, people Get Married if the price is right.

Countering women injustice and preaching equality

The Pakistani government passed a women protection bill which was given a lot of mixed reactions. Punjab protection of Women Against Violence Act 2015 would respond to women facing psychological, physical or financial torture. Women would be given a designated number which they can call in case of any emergency. The first step would be to reconcile between the two parties; if the husband or in-laws continue to abuse their power; the husband can face a fine between 200000 to 500000 PKR and  a sentence of 1 to 2 years. This was one of the good things carried out by the PML-N government, but the bill faced major criticism from religious parties. The possible reason for the issue from religious parties is, women would be empowered to take actions and their husbands might lose their dominance. In April of 2017 the Punjab assembly also passed a law which requires the nikkahnama (marriage Certificate) to have all the details of the Dowry brought by the wife. The women would be entitled to what she brought in the case of divorce. Many NGO’s are doing a great job in assisting women who face any sort of violence. NGO’s like the Aurat foundation and Pakistani Women’s Human Rights Organization {PWHRO} are providing a safe haven for women in need and these organizations stress on gender equality

Get Married If The Price Is Right

” We urge the government of Pakistan to honor their obligations under international law to protect women in the country. This can be done by immediately reviewing judicial practice and criminal laws, for instance the Qisas and Diyat law which allows men to escape criminal prosecution after murdering their female relatives. The Pakistani government should make all forms of domestic violence a criminal offence” {PWHRO}.

The way Qandeel Baloch’s brother is being tried for her murder, shows that the people and our government are standing up for what is right and taking the right steps. May her soul rest in peace. There is an organization in India, which focuses on protecting women against any dowry related problems. There is a toll-free number which can be called and they do their best to provide the needed protection for the potential victim.

The Right Path

The world has enough problems already and we keep this Pandora’s box sealed. We need to highlight these issues and find solutions to them. Equality and justice needs to prevail on all grounds and social issues such as dowry need to be shunned. I for one feel that Dowry should not be given at all or it should be given as a gift by the groom to the bride’s family. The bride has to leave her family and move in with a new family. She has a 360 shift in her life, what does the groom give up? Chinese men have to pay up to $24,000 in dowry, to get a bride (Guilford, King, & Wong, 2013)(Get Married if the price is right). Strict code of conduct need to be established and if not followed there should be fierce repercussions. Violators should be dealt with in the same manner, their status should not be taken in to consideration. The initial step is for us to condemn and take dowry of the table. The husband and wife should start their new beginning from the beginning and not from the profits he got from getting married. Start spreading awareness and treating dowry as a unjustified bargain for women and their families. The groom should make sure there is no force from his side to ascertain dowry. If the bride’s family are doing it out of good faith as a gift for their daughter and without any force well that is their call. Running after money, worldly possessions and loosing humanity within yourself would drag and push you in to a dark path; a deep well with no love, no life, no wife; just you and lots and lots of money. Choose the right path and do the right thing; SAY NO TO DOWRY!


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Lie, Cheat and Steal

Lie, Cheat and Steal 


Is Any Business Completely Halal?

Lie, Cheat and Steal. The life of the last Prophet, Holy Prophet (PBUH) (S.A.W.) is a perfect example for people to follow as a guiding light. No matter what religion or school of thought you belong to if you try walking in his shoes, it would be a righteous path. Islam teaches us to be honest, transparent and not to inflict harm on any living organism.  The ethical route should be taken in all aspects of our life, whether its friends, family, education, career etc. The world we live is not as hospitable towards Muslims as it was before. Now is the time when we need to be exemplary specimens, show people that Islamophobia is a propaganda against a loving and peaceful group of people. The issue is when something is bad people  would generalize and consider the rest to be bad, and  the bad apples drag the good ones down the drain. Mohammed (PBUH) (S.A.W.) had started trading and commerce prior to him being declared a Prophet at the age of 40. He always treated all his stake holders with respect, dealt with them honestly and never cheated anyone.  Sadly in today’s world the teachings of how to carry out business have gone in vain, monetizing has led people astray and they would lie, cheat and steal (Haram) rather than the other  way around (Halal).

The Halal Way

“The truthful and honest merchant is associated with the Prophets, the upright and the martyrs” (Al-Tirmidhi). “God shows mercy to a person who is kindly when he sells, when he buys and when he makes a claim” (Al-Bukhari).  Moral values, ethics, honesty and fairness in all dealings is preached in Islam. There are rules which need to be followed to make our earnings Halal and blessed. The Prophet (SAW) prescribed business men and women not deal in any fraudulent activities; the transaction should be legitimate and agreed upon by both the parties. A seller is required not to oversell or exaggerate the benefits of the commodity in question to secure the sale.  People who sell goods which have to be weighed need to be extra careful and make sure the customer is not paying more than what the scale shows. Fixing prices of goods is also not allowed, unless it becomes a necessity to fix it and also monopolies are not allowed. Stocking up commodities to create a shortage and make extra money eventually is also not allowed, and  dealing of inferior goods such as alcohol is strictly prohibited (Haram) (Muzammil, n.d.)

Islam has given us an outline on how to carry out our dealings: the do’s and don’ts of Business. If followed properly, if the earnings are even less the magnitude they hold and the content you feel compensates for it. Pakistan, being an Islamic country should be following these principles. Well the truth is these rules just sound good in theory but no one practices them. I apologies for the generalization, but we all fall prey or are part of this corrupt society. I feel that no business is completely running on the Islamic rules and regulations, some discrepancies always exist.

The Norm

Let’s take an instance of a person buying or selling properties. Seems like a legitimate yet profitable deal, well it is not. The buyer and the seller may under state their purchase value to avoid paying the required taxes and showing a money trail. In this case say one party wants to do the right thing and mention the actual amount, the deal may not go forth as the other party might not agree. So people end up following this norm as at times there is no way out. Take another consideration, a builder wants to build a house from scratch. First and foremost he might need to get approval on his designs. The normal route may take time and his or her project may get delayed, this is where the concept of under the table plays a part as an incentive for the authoritarians. Each step may require a small bribe to reach competition, and even if people don’t want to they have to pay it. Let’s take another example a normal shop dealing in retail and making good money.  Every transaction is recorded and every debtor, creditor, employee and customer is dealt with fairness. Then where does the inconsistency exist? Well when it comes to paying their branding tax, or they might understate their sales to pay lesser tax. The understatement in sale to pay less tax is something they can fix, but other taxes may be unjust. What happens is the municipality of the particular area may come forth with an unjustified tax amount, then a compromise is reached which is at times of the books. There are many such examples in every walk of life where people turn a blind eye and are paid handsomely for it. Politicians as you know are mostly seen to be in knee-deep corruption. Their role should be that of exemplary leaders, on the contrary they endorse the principal of lie, cheat and steal.

Weather its banking, construction, trading, money exchanges, whole sale or retail; something or the other always stands out. These deviations might be carried out on small proportions, but regardless of the intensity, what’s wrong is wrong. The justification given by people is that it is necessary to survive or everybody does it “Sub kertai hain”.

                      Lie, Cheat and Steal

So in such a scenario if the majority out of a bunch of people kill and steal does it become right? Life now has become very commercial, and happiness is associated with money rather than relations and good health. The message of Islam states that our earnings “Rozzi” has been decided and we would receive it all before we depart this world. Keeping this in mind we should work ethically and not be greedy for more. What happens is in our hunger for more money we get our earnings tainted and they lose their morality and our less   blessed. God has promised us that we will receive what we deserve so shouldn’t we be believing his word and be content with what we have. Making fast money and get rich quick schemes by looking past grey areas leads to also losing money quickly.  All the earnings made through the wrong path, all the extra bucks; do not stay with you. It either goes away in sickness or some unforeseen circumstances. It’s all about faith and knowing that  God will take care of you, the right path is always hard; but that is where happiness exists.

Bliss and Blessed

Money may buy you an expensive car, a mansion and everything you desire but it cannot compensate for happiness. These things may make you somewhat happy but that happiness is just temporary until you jump to something new. There is no perfection is life; a poor man may be more satisfied with his life as opposed to a rich one

To conclude always reach for your dreams, aspirations and passions, but make sure that the route is pure without any ethical violations. Believe that God has a plan for you and be righteous in your actions. If someone else is doing it (lie, cheat and steal), that is not the right justification to taint your earnings, earn less but do it right. Just think about it in this way, your business is like your new-born child, would you nurture it in the best possible way? Money comes and goes, but the corrupt portion of your wealth is punishable in this life and the hereafter.

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Marriage is a Joyous Mirage  

Marriage is a Joyous Mirage  

What is Marriage?

Marriage is a Joyous Mirage.   The sanctity of holy matrimony is of paramount importance and should be given the highest respect. Getting married is a bliss and it’s a promise that till death the spouses stand by each other through thick and thin. When two people get married , obviously some compromises are required to adjust with each other. Our society to some extent expects the woman to be the one who compromises and not the husband.

Marriage is a Joyous Mirage

Marriage Problems in Pakistan

Early Marriages (Child Marriage)

Parents get their daughters married at an early age as education is not essential in their eyes, their daughter in any case has to go and start taking care of the household duties.  To assure that their daughter doesn’t go of the rails and get in to demoralizing acts, parents opt for early marriages. The age when these precious flowers need to be nurtured and educated, they end up nurturing their own children. I have seen many cases where parents are biased when it comes to their daughters; the son gets the best of the best when it comes to schooling and social standing where as the daughter is kept at home till she gets married (Where is the Love).   Pakistan’s Child Marriage Restraint Act (CMRA) 1929 states that the legal marriage age for man is 18 where as a woman can marry at 16 and above. People who do not comply with this law ( early marriage) can face up to 5 years in prison and a  fine of a Million PKR. Sindh assembly passed a resolution to increase the marriage age of woman to 18 (Child marriage around the world:, n.d.).


Dowry is still a requirement for many to get their daughter married. The husband and his family need to be given money, gifts, furniture, gold,  house etc. Parents who are rich can afford this, where as the class which is not affluent or less then mediocre is burdened with the huge financial transaction. In  my opinion Dowry should be the other way around, if someone is marrying your daughter and taking her home, in return they should be the ones giving out gifts in gratitude. This social problem is also to impress others; there is actually a tradition where the man’s family calls their friends and family just to see what gift they have received. Many women have suffered whose parents are not able to pay the price, in some cases they end up divorced. or dead. A 25 year old girl in Daska was forced to dowse acid down her throat as her family did not manage to give the required amount of Dowry. Strict actions need to be taken by the government to demolish this norm completely. (Niaza, 2015).


If it turns out that the husband’s identity portrayed before marriage was a complete sham, the wife has to go through many problems of various intensities.  An instance would be a husband enjoys sleeping around, or is a drunk, or tortures the wife; the wife would be stuck and demoralized. In such an instance the normal thing would be back to her -place, gets things sorted out opt for a khula (Divorce) (Muslim Marriage). The reality is that many women have to live through this horrific life with no one backing them. When she goes to her family for help, they may try to reconcile or ask her to stand by the relationship, accept this as faith and things would become better.  This stance is taken by the family as they fear that their daughter or them would be shunned by the rest of the society; and obviously your respect is more important than your daughters happiness.  Sarcasm apart, a women who is labeled as a divorcee in our society is looked down on and their future prospects for getting married turn out to be very slim; where as a man may not face that many issues. Dawn did a piece on a woman named Dania who after constant physical abuse by her husband used to go to her parents. The parents used to send her back and were quite stern on the fact that divorce is not an option; rather a love less marriage was the choice.  This cycle kept repeating until Dania’s husband forced her to swallow bleach which ended her up in the hospital. She filed a police complaint which was no help, yet divorce was still not an option as the family’s honor was at stake.  (Zahid, 2017)


Girls grow up being taught of how they have to live their life as per their husband’s wishes and that they would be housewives and their husbands would be the provider. Apart from this if they come from a house which is at a better position than that of their spouse, they don’t feel content with what they have. Sure it seems easy to say that you should stay by your husband through the good times and the bad, but practically speaking it’s a tough route. Since women are fed the story that their husband would be the provider, the sense of independence is never formed. Subconsciously from childhood they believe that their husband would be responsible to grant them all their needs.  When reality strikes, there is a lapse between expectation and reality; the marriage can go downhill and derail, as I said Marriage is a joyous mirage. Then women start comparing their life’s to that of other married couples;, and they believe that their misfortune are being looked down on and then the highlighted thought arises ‘ Log Kia Sochaingai”? This is how relationships go south.


Rape and Suicide:

If God forbid a female has to go through the  horrific act of rape or harassment, they may have a long road of discomfort and rejection ahead. For starters in such a case the guilty party should have stern punishments, and the girl in question should be given all the assurance and care in the world to lift up her spirits. Well this is the ideal case and many do this but reality is that  many women are blamed that them being raped is partly their own fault; either to do with their dressing or being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Many women are silenced from filing a complaint so that them and their families don’t become social outcasts, this leads to many man walking free. The lack of support, depression and seeing the rapist walking free may lead some women towards ending their life. If a rape victims horrific incident is publicized, then the prospects of them getting married are next to none.

Make the Illusion a reality

The above mentioned marriage issues are flabbergasting, how can parents be so biased when it comes to their precious flowers. They just pluck their daughters out of their life’s and put them down a torrential path.  Parents need to be wise and see all aspects of the to be son in law, weather he is what he claims or if the story is different. There should be legal clauses which make parents also face consequences if they let their daughter live in a abusive marriage. What honor do you stand for when your own daughter is living in constant fear and you turn a blind eye towards it. Sure there are bad apples in the basket and females may also be the ones to blame, but we are currently focusing on one aspect of the picture. A woman should get proper education, if she pleases choose a career and opt for marriage when she is ready.  ‘In 2013 and 2013 53.7% of girls who were married between the ages of 15 to 19 never went to schools.’ (End Child Marriages in Pakistan). But there is still hope, many NGO’s are working towards a better future for women and help them out when and if they go through similar circumstances. People are also becoming generally more aware due to education and Media playing a part in highlighting all the considerable issues.  With strict laws and further awareness our country can also treat its daughters with the love and respect they deserve.





Poverty: A curable disease

Poverty: A curable disease

What is Poverty?

Poverty: A curable disease. The class system arises in the genre of either power or money. Every society has people categorized as either being affluent, middle class or lower class which mostly is poverty ridden (rich and poor). Pakistan’s poverty line shows that 4 out of 10 people our poor. Poverty has a direct relation with unemployment; countries with a higher poverty ration may also face a high unemployment  rate which is one of the main causes of poverty. The poor individual may indulge in crime and thievery to make his or hers ends meet. The fact of the matter is that some people are fortunate and may be blessed with funds more then they need, whereas others may not even poses basic necessities. This is all as per God’s will to which we submit and to which we abide. If destiny has giant sums written for you then you may achieve it, if not well God has made frameworks to support the poor. If we all follow the right path and support a humanitarian cause; salvation is achievable as a whole.  Citizens of a  country, governments, philanthropist and NGOs can all word hand in hand to make the world a better place (Hssan & Inayat, 2016).

The minimum wage rate of Pakistan is (Rs, 14000) (, 2017), but the question is this enough to sustain. The poverty definition can be justified by having a lesser income then the minimum wage rate. It all depends on ones wants and needs. If a person enjoys a frivolous life, he or she won’t be happy with the  bare minimum, the more the merrier. The situation where a person is grounded, he or she would be  happy with what he or she gets, they would try their best to work with what they get. The sad thing is people are now prone to aim for higher; which seems like a  good thing but they forsake what is important in the process. A person earning in millions should be saving and helping the less fortunate, they actually modernize their lifestyle to spend the most out of their earnings.  Focusing on luxuries and a better standard of living is defiantly a plus point of being rich, but it is our responsibility to aid the community.  The greed to earning as much as you can is no route to self-actualization, but making a difference will surely map you towards a feeling of content.

Taxation is a way to assist the poor and also take care of the country. Islam has also denoted a Taxation on the rich to help out the poor. This tax amount is called Zakat. Zakat is a requirement to be paid if you have a certain amount of savings in your possession. God does not despise the poor he has set a support system for them to have enough to sustain and live comfortably. The problem is that many don’t contribute towards taxes and Zakat which is why poverty is escalating at an increasing rate. Zakat is one of the 5 pillars of Islam and it is obligatory on all Muslims. A Muslim eligible for Zakat should have a certain minimum amount of additional wealth, this wealth can be quantified in terms of household items, furniture, gold, silver etc.  The possessions should be such that they can be used to derive profits and the ownership should be above a year.  The Zakat payer should not have Liabilities near to or more then the additional wealth he or she possesses.  You can use a Zakat Calculator to be sure of what is required of you.

One of the problems that we face when we help the poor people is: assurance that the person you are helping is actually needy. In Pakistan we are approached by many beggars on the streets who fit the category of poor people; but is that an act? People have created begging as a business and they actually make more money than doing a 9 to 5 job. I have heard many cases where beggars have established businesses but still continue their daily routine of asking for change. We need to make sure that our money is going to the ones who are in need and that we are not encouraging this begging Mafia to further spread their wings.

 Mediating or eradicating poverty:

We all have dreams and aspirations, well money  may be a constant to achieve most of our dreams. If a person needs a car, or wants to start a business, or needs basic food, water and shelter, etc.; without s exchange entity these needs, wants and desires may not be achievable. Some have it in abundance, others are running after it. A community should run in such a way that no stones are left unturned in helping the poor. We all can play a part by carrying out a few tasks to reduce poverty and raise the standard of living of many. A little love and compassion can go a long way. 

To resolve the issue of poverty, a sense of equality needs to arise among all. People who are blessed with wealth can take certain measures, not something extensive, a small helping hand can do a lot. It’s the same thing how the system of profits work, you either charge higher and sell less, or vice versa. When people join hands and help the poor, and if things go right, poverty can have significant minimization.

A person should start by giving out spare change to the poor.  Putting out a few Rupees on a weekly basis can be very helpful for the needy. You just need to make sure the person is deserving. Encouraging others to do the same is also important, word of mouth for a good cause can create a lot of awareness. Donation of things that we no longer need like books, clothes, food, pots and pans etc. may help a lot of people. A person should also pay his or her taxes which enters the cycle to eventually reduce poverty (, 2016).

Some people especially those from Pakistan may claim that their taxed money is going in to corrupt pockets so it’s not worth it. Well some of it may be true but as citizens it is our duty and responsibility to pay taxes, and the government is responsible to use it wisely and efficiently. These taxes can help in creating better infrastructure which would bring forward new jobs. They will help in making better schools to educate children from poor backgrounds (child poverty) and governments such as ours can start unemployment benefits. If you still have doubts about your tax money not being utilized  properly  you should still pay Zakat (Muslims). I would advice you to use the Zakat Calculator to know what you need to give out. Laws need to be implemented that make our state’s men accountable for each tax penny spent, complete transparency. Making better schools and providing a safety net through unemployment benefits is highly recommend to reduce poverty. A better education may lead to better jobs and unemployment benefits may keep people floating until they find a new job.  If we go as per Gods system of paying Zakat (Muslims) this on its own can do a lot, but try and pay yourself instead of asking third parties to do it. Many NGO’s are playing a vital role in helping the poor and even if we cannot donate we should volunteer and be a part of their cause.


To conclude money comes and goes. Those who have it do not realize it’s worth as compared to those who have less than the bare minimum. We all should play our part in helping the poor and needy. The help should be a nudge for them to start earning the right way, rather than motivating them to keep begging and waiting for grants. Distinguishing between a person who begs to earn and who begs to survive is very important. If all stake holders follow their social responsibility; poverty may  be reduced. The main thing is to have faith and guilt, if you are in a good state, make sure you are not the only one who reaps from your fortunes.  Money may stay with you or bid farewell, but the satisfaction you feel for making someone’s life better would stay with you throughout your life. Show some love and make the world a better place. To sum up I stand by the topic ‘Poverty: A curable disease’.


What is Poverty?

Poverty: A curable disease

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