About US

About US

I would start with the Customary  ‘Hello World:D. Glitches are basicly problems, errors and issues. Through this platform I aim to enlighten my readers with

  1. Social Problems that we may face and suppress
  2. Feasible earning mechanisms for passive and main Income Streams
  3. How blogging may be an option to speak out and make a living
  4. Services and consultancy

We all have gone through many awkward scenarios in our life. Some of these scenarios are pertaining social obligations that we have to adhere to. I would be highlighting such social biases which have no footing or evidence except for a cultural hierarchy. I would look past the generalizations and portray how we make social ceilings where the sky is the limit. Sure some things and actions may fall under pariahs but that should also have some  verification (social Problems)

One of the main struggles is making an honest living, So I would gather any leads that I feel are feasible and can do us justice. If we act positive, and do the right thing; good thing will fall in our plate. Patience and optimism can lead you from point A, till the very end.

I would also be looking at ways on how we can make our life and life of others better, a small effort can have massive implications. To sum up you can consider this to be somewhat on the grounds of PESTLE environmental scan. Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental. How these effect us and how they influence us in decision making  Hope my theories, opinions and facts guide you towards the ray you are looking for.

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