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I would start with the Customary  ‘Hello World:D. Glitches are basicly problems, errors and issues. Through this platform I aim to enlighten my readers with

  1. Social Problems that we may face and suppress
  2. Feasible earning mechanisms for passive and main Income Streams
  3. How blogging may be an option to speak out and make a living
  4. Services and consultancy
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About The Author

 I have various experiences: some as an employee, others as ventures devised by me. I have been an entrepreneur, a strategist, a researcher, a sales executive, an accountant, dealt with Digital Marketing, dealt with day-to-day operational duties and an overall 360 Degree Marketer. As an entrepreneur I have gained diverse skill sets which include content creation, acquiring and retaining clients, strategy formation, communication through various marketing modes, marketing and sales. I have always looked forward to do something unique and out of the box in the most proficient and honest manner.

What We Can Do For You

Web Designing

We have worked with a few clients to create dynamic and user friendly websites on WordPress. We can completely do all the work for you from start to the finish. Rates may vary as per the specified requirements.

Strategy Formation

Our vast experience in creating solid strategic routes for our client for their proliferation has leveraged us to create strategies for our current and potential clients so their business can augment.

Social Media Marketing

We can create and handle all your social accounts which include but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Linked-in, Instagram and Google+

Search Engine Optimization

We can provide you SEO services to rank your keywords, rank your website, increase your domain and page authority and we can do on page SEO.for you.

Our Clients

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